metal grid ceiling panels Zinc Whiskers - What You Should Know Now!

by:Carlos     2019-04-04
The metal beard has long been a known problem in electronic products.Xa0For the past 10 years,Is the zinc beard growing in your computer room?It has been used as a guide to investigate and remedy zinc wafers from the global data center.Unfortunately,Despite great effortsZinc hydroxide has not left yet.As an industry, Xa0 is generally considered to be the only serious source of zinc-beard in computer facilities is some type of access layer panel.None of these specific panel types in the Xa0 facility are assumed to be non-compliant with the contamination of the whiskers.What a mistake the Xa0 hypothesis is!Xa0zn whiskers have been found in a wide variety of metal components in all types of facilities,including:Building stud of Xa0 steel;Electrical conduit;Hanging ceiling T-Rod net and hanging line;Of course, you can also enter the floor panel.pedestals,Base head,and stringers.This may be surprising,But this is not the real news.PART I -The real news of the Xa0 is that the zinc beard is found on the cabinet every day,racks,The server and the computer itself.This is correct!The zinc beard may grow on computer hardware.How is this possible?Xa0 is really simple.The Xa0 computer system is a combination of electronic circuit cards installed in metal boxes and enclosures.The metal of choice is steel, because it is conductive,strong,And the price is reasonable.Xa0The steel is usually plated to prevent oxidation or rust.Xa0zn is still the preferred plating material as it is relatively cheap,is conductive,And produce a good finish look.Xa0multi computer case galvanized;Rack rails are alsoCabinet shelf support,And other structural elements.Xa0 if zinc is everywhereAre they not obvious?Xa0 zinc beard is thinner than human hair, about 0.5 -5.0mm long.Xa0You have to look for them to find them.Looking for en masse they grew up.Seeing a single beard is like looking for a well-known needle in a pile of grass.The pollution of Xa0 xa0 zinc beard should be considered, whenever there is an abnormal high failure rate-Catastrophic and less serious soft faults.The Xa0 failure rate may peak within the device or within 72 hours of invasive maintenance work around the device.Many factors of Xa0 determine the probability of failure of zinc beard.These include but are not limited:Many users erroneously conclude that only the power supply is prone to a failure related to the beard.Xa0This may be due to a significant loud, "pop-up" that often happens due to power failure and causes system disruption.Unfortunately,Power supply is not the only electronic product exposed in a computer system.There are countless integrated circuits in Xa0 (chips),leads,Circuit traces,And other components.xa0To be sure,Parts of all items in this list may be hidden by plastic or solder masks and are not usually exposed.But not everything is protected.These uncovered leads are as vulnerable as the power supply.The shorts of the Xa0zn Beard Bridge and the exposed circuit are still likely to cause serious damage to the system.What happens if the lead on the memory bus is intermittently short-circuited during the key settings of the clock cycle and the latch section?Maybe the data will be corrupted.Xa0 maybe corruption will be detected and corrected by an error correction algorithm.The data that Xa0 may be affected is indeed the instruction of the processor.Is the Xa0if processor trying to load and execute this corrupted instruction?Will the system fail over or hang?Any engineer will agree that finding and fixing intermittent faults is one of the hardest things to do.If you can't seeYou can't solve it."The faults associated with the Xa0 beard are suitable for this category.Many system exceptions are not recorded or tracked.Xa0If reset clear,The problem was quickly considered annoying, but not-critical.xa0Often,these on-the-Floor Repair is not visible for management.Does the Xa0Ask IT manager need to reset the device, they will say,"

no,Why are you asking?If the Xa0Ask operator needs to reset the device, they will answer,"

of course,all the time,Why are you asking?So,If the zinc must be everywhere and affect the equipment,Why is it not common sense?Most users get their information from personal experiences or trusted sources.Xa0If personal experience is not unforgettable,It is human nature to discount and abandon them.Xa0If resetting a stuck machine is no more memorable than filling a coffee cup,It is not remembered.The Xa0A power pop-up is unusual and memorable.The Xa0click button is not.In the IT worldTrusted resources are often associated and suppliers.No one is talking because no one has the motivation to speak.Xa0user does not acknowledge that they have a problem with zinc-beard because of fear of condemnation and influence from suppliers.Xa0user should fulfill their equipment contract by maintaining the appropriate computing environment.The pollution of Xa0zn beard does not contribute to a suitable environment.xa0Likewise,The supplier does not speak for fear of responsibility.Xa0 suppliers should comply with clear and implied guarantees that the equipment they produce and sell is defect-free.Xa0If very fragile equipment and or the production,Have a legitimate fear of legal responsibility.The result of all this silence is the customer's ignorance of a very serious topic.PART II -How bad is it?The Xa0 evidence suggests that the zinc beard may affect the racks and cabinets of one or more components at 50% or more in any given environment.History of Xa0The manufacturer only tests the equipment when the problem is suspected.Xa0user is tested only if the manufacturer does not provide an answer.xa0Recently,Big users have been willing to sponsor a wider range,facility-wide testing.Unfortunately,For the above reasons,The specific results of these tests remain confidential.Xa0 is enough to say,Almost all suppliers are affected or affected by zinc whiskers.If the beard is everywhereWhy no more questions?The evidence suggests that the zinc beard tends to remain reasonably attached to the surface of the host.Until they reach a certain length,The zinc whiskers will remain connected until they are liberated by mechanical means such as friction and scraping.After Xa0 reaches a certain lengthNot only is liberation possible from direct mechanical means, but also from more passive means such as vibration or airflow.Xa0Once exit,Zinc whiskers can migrate freely in the environment.No catastrophic failure is required for zinc beard.xa0Bit errors,soft failures,And other abnormalities may be attributed to zinc whiskers.What is the treatment of zinc beard?Generally,The accepted treatment method for zinc beard is to remove and replace the source material with the uncontaminated version.Xa0It is unreasonable to replace every contaminated equipment,From a logistics or financial point of view.This does not mean that the problem should be ignored

The growth of Xa0zn beard will continue.Xa0As they get longer,They become more harmful.Users cannot stop using devices, nor can they stop hardware migration to meet business needs,Move and reschedule.Users who want to take the initiative to solve this problem should make a plan to manage this problem through employee training,Supplier Management,Handling procedures for equipment and facilities.There are many suitable medical analogies that can be applied realistically:Do not stop working with patients;Don't ignore the patient's condition.xa0Rather,Take positive measures to help patients, while preventing others from being infected or sick.Part III -The following proposal is based on a logical argument that doing nothing in the long term is neither active nor rational.Something must be done.The xa0 outlined below is a possible way to deal with a wide range of contamination of zinc beard.Users should request:Users will:
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