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by:Carlos     2019-04-04
Tin tile products are usually installed on ceilings and wallsThe appearance of the elegant, high-grade , and has become more and more popular enjoyed -as the sun moves around your house, as ceilings and walls reflect, light and shadows changeThese products are sometimes referred to as "the ceiling siwa". "And" fake" Copper, "cap" , "Mosaic tiles", "Metal ceiling."", or "cornice mouldings .In seeking to increase their visual appeal, these products are added to your home As the sun in your home And its effect in nostalgia -changing. Tin tile ceilings are the best product if you want a unique interior look and feel your walls and ceilings.It is resistant to corrosion rust and easy to design and other defects And the construction , install to make it a very ideal product

The name of the prefix "tin" you would think that these products are made of tin, but strangely Oh, they're not.The finished product is composed of sheet metal, about 1/50 of an inch thick, depending on the type you choose Tin ceramic tile product is famous for its great visual texture depth Fresh details , convenient to install,

The weight of this sheet metal does play a role in the installation process because it is usually installed on ceilings and walls.Although tin tin ceiling is the most popular products And the back spatter is rising.These products are not one of the hardest materials especially when than aluminum or steel Its soft provides a great ease stamping decoration, add an exciting mix indoor texture Oh, nostalgia for the past.And uniqueness These printed patterns from the past active and separate any room or area .These products have tens of thousands of shapes and sizes, are not always in the whole ceiling has exactly the same design or design. It is strange that You'll see that most tiles, ceilings and walls don't have the same pattern.And .

Due to installation, in fact, it is best not to have the same design often , a larger design is not completely in line with the size of the room, so there are several different size and design is useful.

People can choose to use exactly the same pattern throughout the process, but in order for all panels to fit, you will have to reduce their size can be dismembered the finished product .Most suppliers have a very wide range of design. , patterns, And accessories to help you Where to install the panel and the atmosphere or style of B) to help you realize you want to implement custom appearance Some parts of the main board oblique box, and leaves Article, Article, packing Hey, Dad. Panelling

. Rose/badges, knot, and center Although you can simply install metal tiles of the self , most buyers choose to use all the accessories to complete them to ensure the life of your new ceiling.

Siwa products includeThe resistance to water and smell of porous structure , will not rust , crack, or whether the installation of a huge investment These products are a clear consumers to buy .
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