metal grid ceiling panels Solar Power - A Potted History

by:Carlos     2019-04-04
It’s hard not to be bad and consider the rise in energy costsWe pay more gas and electricity, realize the damage our environment at the same time, using these utilities - this information is very difficult for many people Although there is no simple solution We are working to reshape a society that is not dependent on a limited energy source.You may have heard the word "revolution" in the sun in the past 20 years. , but the latest advances in technology have made our than ever closer to realize this dream The sun is about 1 There are 1000 watts of energy per square meter per day, and when converted to usable energy, we can provide lighting/heating for all our businesses and houses for free

So we know that solar energy comes from the sun, but how do we use it?To recall those early calculator, rely on a simple solar cells These machines have never run out of battery. - all they need is a light go on - as long as the cells is not a compromise . Residential panels used to generate electricity for homes work in the same way., only in the larger range .BasicallyOf these applications are called photovoltaic, cells (PV) cellsTransforming sunlight into electricity.Photovoltaic cell is a semiconductor -material(silicon) absorb sunlight and transfer it to actual semiconductorsOn one occasion Electrons are broken, allowed to move freely Cells and then loose electronics into a specific direction to create a current - place the metal in the stream at the top and bottom, lets us in our family or the actual current used in calculators.

Of courseProcess, there are more But it's good to know the fundamentals of this revolutionary way of generating energy.Although solar cells was invented in the 19th century With the public, it couldn't catch, until the 1970 s energy crisis . Until thenAnd photovoltaic cells are too expensive for real industrial any Settings . HoweverAs the price of gasoline becomes bigger Alternative energy funding increase For the first time, , pv batteries can compete in the energy market, private owners are starting to install solar cells at home

As gas prices fell in the '80s and '90s,, PVMoney and the decline of general interest Resurrection, only in the face of our current energy crisis .Solar energy has become so prominent in our advance. _ think the architect has begun to use its society in the new building planArchitects have been trying to in in their design more glass, so the space to get more sunlight Make unnecessary use of multiple internal light An early example of solar lighting is ancient Roman pantheon Large dome has a hole on the ceiling to daylight .
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