metal grid ceiling panels Solar Home Lighting - Is it Cost Effective?

by:Carlos     2019-04-04
Whether you agree with the gloomy and bad luck predictions of global warming,Most people would agree that it would be a good idea to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.One of the most widely discussed ways to do this is to build a solar lighting system.Solar home lighting has been using photovoltaic solar panels for a long time, however,Unless in limited circumstancesIt is not considered a cost effective risk for average homeowners.Have time to improve with technology and constantly-Increased power costs for the average homeowner to convert to solar lighting?Today, there is no simple answer to this question.Ten or twenty years from now, the answer may be a simple one with solar lighting;But now you need to ask yourself a few questions and then choose a photovoltaic lighting system for your home.Power costs vary from location to location, and will obviously affect your solar lighting decisions.For example,in the USA,Hawaii electric power costs three times as much as Idaho.In places like Southern California and Hawaii, building solar lighting systems is almost always cost effective due to the cost of electricity in those areas.Location also affects the amount of sunshine you get every day.Solar lighting systems in Florida or California will generate more electricity in an average day than in Alaska.Another factor to consider for the new construction is how close you are to the power grid of the power company.Lake Lodge,Mountain Cottage and desert ranch, you 'd better go to solar lighting if you're on a power line over 3 miles.The power company will charge you a small sum of money for you to use the power line.Investigate the cost of your location-but $25,000 or so is not uncommon.How long are you going to stay at home and you will convert to solar lighting?One of the biggest problems with solar lighting is the huge investment in the early stage.A 2-The kilowatt lighting system is for small and medium-sized families, including photovoltaic panels,Sine wave inverter,Charging Controller,It may cost $15 to store batteries and install000 to $20,000.But once the system is installedThere are few operating costs.You may have to replace the battery every 5 or 6 years-And bulbs-But this is about it.If you are confident that you will be living at home for 30 or 40 years, then you will almost always be rewarded with your investment in solar lighting.But if your job or other situation means that you may be moving in the next 5 years, then the solar lighting system will not pay itself.You can make the argument that the lighting system adds value to the home, but the way Realtors and buyers may not see it.Perhaps the biggest question you have to ask yourself is how seriously you contribute to energy conservation.If you are the one who uses a compact fluorescent bulb instead of a regular bulb,And classification and recycling of plastics,Paper and metal in your trash, then you may be the kind of person who will feel good to invest in solar lighting systems.Solar lighting is ultimately a personal lifestyle and philosophical decision,It's like a cost decision.
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