metal grid ceiling panels Homemade Solar Panels - Important Installation Tips

by:Carlos     2019-04-04
Most people are afraid of completing the installation of solar panels when they are afraidIn addition to the skills it by ourselves , you also need to know how to position the photovoltaic cells. There may be some risks

Work on the roof.You are in danger of falling You might be the risk of electrocution and committed to the electrical connections .You don't need to be discouraged or fear And .

You can easily insulate yourself from any danger.

Here are some tips for installing solar panels to make your work easier and safeYou must consider these points before you start your solar panel installation .If you live in the northern hemisphere Then you can tilt your photovoltaic panels to the south in order to get most of the sun If your roof is facing south And then arranging the solar panels along the roof surface.Other you may require additional support tilt south of solar photovoltaic panels .Many people think that the roof is the ideal place site your solar panels And .

But there are exceptions.To find the best place to find your board you need to do a survey .You have to take into account the shadows of plants and nearby structures.Under the light shadow, capacity may be reduced to a considerable percentage. .The location of the sun changes it all season This should be considered Find the position of year-round sunshine most pathfinder by the sun

Solar Pathfinder lets you know where shadows are at different times of the day and different seasons of the yea.If your roof is the best location for installation And .

Find out the maximum load your roof can handle.You must provide additional support the roof In case the panel is too heavy .After the location has been finalized,, the actual work begins Then you need to find the right mount in the ideal place to fix them There are three types of support poles , roofBackground and flushing .Use flush bracketWhen the panel is mounted on the roofThis is the most simple and cost effective way to mount a small plate They are metal stents, at the same time, the purpose of the support team These mounts that several inches away from the roof panel, and form a space between the two.

This gap allows the air to pass throughSolar panels, cooling In order to maintain the efficiency of photovoltaic cells , it is important to have a moderate temperature .RoofBackground the mount is the grid structure . They are usually used in larger solar panels.They can be installed on the roof or ground .Steel pipe support to support , a single piece of solar panels .Once they are fixed , you must run and connect cablActual connection depends on the system you want to type, namely the grid. Is on or off Grid system .I hope you find these solar panel installation techniques useful.

Properly installedAnd each panel can withstand strong winds and effective work for many years .
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