metal grid ceiling panels Clean Room Controls, Design and Other Variables

by:Carlos     2019-04-04
Clean Room is an environment for manufacturing precision equipment or conducting scientific research with a level of pollution that is strictly controlled.The clean room uses specially designed equipment to control the number of particle sizes specified in the room per cubic meter.In some cases, air temperature and humidity control is even required.Regardless of cleaning grade,Air to all clean rooms filtered through the HEP (High Efficiency Particulate Air)or ULPA (Ultra-low particulate air)filters.These filters are rated 99.The efficiency of 99% is 0.3 micron particles (HEPA)and 0.128 micron particle UULPA).Cleanliness refers to the degree to which air in the room is mixed with contaminated air.The cleaner the air is,The greater the dilution of pollutants,And the higher the level of cleaning.The clean room also takes advantage of another function of the filter, which is the pleat of the media in the manufacturing process.This pleat effect causes the air to be delivered through the filter in the jet stream.The collective results of these multiple air streams produce a column of clean air moving evenly away from the filter's face.Processes within the space usually determine the temperature range that can be tolerated.If there is a non-Specific requirements,Human factors usually guide choice.What is often overlooked in clean room design is strict humidity requirements.This can vary,Again depends on the process involved.A typical change between 40% and 60% is usually no more than 5%.Any non-wall can be constructed?The materials that fall off can be easily wiped and kept clean.Walls can be seamlessly coated with metal studs plasterboard or they can be modular.The modular walls have a tax advantage that they are considered tangible property that can be taken down and moved.The best clean room floor is a seamless system,Seamless sheet vinyl,epoxy,Or the order of vinyl tiles.Products, limited dust penetration, can be easily maintained is required.Most clean rooms are designed with positive stress,Or ceiling space.This requires a special grid system, usually a factory-added air cushion or a gel system that it can use in a more stringent room.The grid usually supports HEPA filters,lights,And panels that can weigh up to 12 pounds per square foot.The 12 pressure line is used to support the power grid.The heart of any clean room design is required for filtration.Some of them are pipes, but the most common ones are units powered by fans.Typical 2'x4' units have a capacity of 700 to 800 cfm,Motor with 1/3 HP.The latest design also includes energy-efficient watt motors.The lights are designed for clean rooms, so they are sealed with air.They also produce heat that must be taken into account.Typical lighting is 70 to 100 feet candles.While we know what the hardware mentioned above produces in terms of releasing microorganisms?heat etc.,One element that changes every day is the human element.Some people say, "absolutely clean", can not maintain participation with peopleRobots are the only way to eliminate this kind of particulate pollution.Even completely destroyed.Workers are constantly shedding skin particles.Possession is required.Clothing can include hair cover,Covered with a beard or mouth,body covering,Shoe covers and gloves are combined with any of the above.The clothes should be placed in a room owned.This room should also be HEPA filtered.Once the room is completed,Most specifications require testing and certification.Some requirements stipulate that the room should also be tested every year.Testing is usually carried out by independent testing agencies using ISO standards.The owner must also purchase a clean room monitor to determine the day-to-day status of the room.
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