metal grid ceiling panels Ceiling Panels And Their Use In Interior Spaces

by:Carlos     2019-04-04
Using ceiling panels indoors is a great way to create high quality ceilings and functional spacesThese panels can be functional and aesthetic .Panel has many USES, such as lamps for special purposes, such as acoustic. , noise reduction and sound insulation .The ceiling panel is made of various materials, such as cork, wood, metal, etc. The panels can also be applied to almost all types of roof truss shape, etc , flat, vaulted.Let's take a look at the panel of the most common function used for indoor lighting .1) In the first type, the entire ceiling area is covered by using the selected ceiling tile or using a square grid plan.

Metal ropes are used to "hang" the ceiling from the ceiling of the building in the corner of the gridThen according to the grid panel material plate fixed at the bottom .The panel's main function is to carry light fixtures. This is used for a very large column less space, such as a large hall or office space Easy to maintain and the grid layout Future servic.2The second type panel as auxiliary illuminant Instead of lamps and lanterns with them These panels receive only light from other light sources and reflect evenly throughout the space.For the plan they have a very smooth finish to increase reflection

The shape and size of the panel, or the use of a single or multiple panel, are very carefulDepend on the number of direct light source and location .This type of panel is the most suitable for small conference rooms and other office space , cabinsAnd residential living room, etc Because the panel also become a part of the whole design form Oh, a very careful one.Have to think about the theme of the design prior to installation .3) In the third type, use the ceiling very creatively by creating levelsIt needs a huge ceiling height to the level of play, let a good "room" is lower than the lowest point of the ceiling In such a low level cap throw the lamps and lanterns of direct light to carry, in the upper ceiling panel, so that they can be evenly distributed in remote regions of space .Lamps can also be used to create a "mood" directly on the wall.The biggest advantage of this type of system is the direct visual light hidden, so as to create a very smooth and uniform illumination of interior space .4) there is a way to use the internal space distribution panel Use them instead of on the ceiling, can also direct sunlight evenly on the wall. .If you use on the wall, creatively receive direct sunlight Two features are easy to implement. a(Reduce the intensity of sunlightUse proper internal space) reflected in the remote angle.But with the direction and strength of the artificial light of the sun constantly changing every day In order to cater to this case, the panel can be adjustable, to adapt to the environment change in the day. .I hope this article will have some imagination in your mind.Copyright Shrinivas Vaidya
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