metal grid ceiling panels Burgess Ceiling

by:Carlos     2019-04-04
Type of Burgess ceiling- in other words, an additional (or false) installed in the ceiling of the original below the ceiling Very popular burgess tile system USES an interlocking and wear-resistant metal grid system

This easy-to-install system has become a pillar of modern architecture, and its assembly accuracy has been improved., coupled with its durability, it is one of Britain's most popular metal ceramic tile system. Manufacturer of the system Burgess company For more than 60 years it has been a leader in metal ceiling engineering.

In the 1950s, they designed a paper clip for metal ceiling tiles, which is still as economical and versatile as it used to be.Burgess product has a very wide range of current range, can satisfy the most demanding projects .Burgess system formed a modular arrangement. Ceramic tile slots, to the grid To allow easy access to any pipeline engineering/wiring hidden ceiling The Burgess ceiling is widely used and can be used for almost any commercial occasion from the airport., hotelsTheatres, restaurants and supermarkets , offices and hospitals .Features and Benefits of Burgess CeilingInterlocking expose grid stability Tidy, completes the modular appearance of the ceilingThe wear-resisting; , easy to clean polyester coating And additional features such as air grille lamp Acoustic inlay, fan and is easy to integrate. Good fire ratingEasy access is invalid Excellent sound absorption.For a long time All kinds of standard size (and color)) and also can custom size recycled Very good "life cycle" costs Condole top hidden any pipe effectively Wires and general defects that may exist on the original upper limitAnd it's more economical than having to do massive repairs or decorations.They are so easy to clean, if you need the following components is a very big advantage .Traditional ceiling is made up of gypsum, usually is the only way to get behind the pipeline engineering to dismantle the ceiling Obviously this is an important work Oh, it's expensive., time consuming and very confusion Suspended ceiling can easily come into contact with the following components. - you need to how much and then replace them just remove panel, when you have finished A lot of trouble Oh, a mess of spending.Condole of a very attractive feature is that it can also be equipped with sound insulation pad , this is a kind of combustible mineral wool, absorb the voice of the outside world, let the quieter and more comfortable living space They are very light in weight, so don't interfere with the installation of ceramic tile. .Of course, there are some disadvantages condole top -the biggest one is that it lowers the height of the room.That may be in some of the buildings is a huge problem. Controversial, they don't like the ceiling of the traditional solid . However, used to think that the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages

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