metal grid ceiling panels 10 Ways to Cool a House Without Air Conditioning

by:Carlos     2019-04-04
Sleeping in the front porch after a hot summer day is a direct necessity.On 1940s, the upstairs of the farm became a sauna, and it was impossible to sleep in the upstairs bedroom.Even after the sun goes downIt seems to be getting hotter upstairs.Let's take a look at some ways to cool the house without air conditioning?Now I take the time to wonder how a family can save more energy,I think back to those hot summers and want to know two things:1.Where is the air conditioner?I have seen some articles floating around talking about air conditioning as an unnecessary device.People become soft,If people can handle heat like cavalryThey don't need air conditioners that waste energy.Grew up in a northwest farm house.Air conditioning was not expected.Sleep on the front porch several times a year.Air conditioning is the only person in the city and is not lucky enough to live on a farm.Where is the air conditioner?It's still in the variety store catalog.2.Why is it so hot upstairs at night?When you sleep in the front porch and you're 10 years oldYou really don't care why it's so hot upstairs.It's not something you're trying to figure out before you find yourself sleeping on the porch again.You like sleeping on the porch.If it's too hot upstairs, you 'd rather not risk sleeping on the porch,Or somewhere else outside.Then considering why the upstairs and the whole House are so hot, it becomes an important problem to solve in the evening.The air conditioner is a very energy-efficient electrical appliance,But they can't operate freely.With the continuous grinding of A/C and the increase of power scale,One has a tendency to think about why upstairs is so hot and cool the house.Years Later:The House of the old farm was moved to a new location and I had the chance to see it in the attic while part of the roof was removed.Not the attic is dark,Ghost Cave of my childhoodThis is a charming place to explore with plenty of natural light.I was surprised to see nothing in the attic.No old magazinesNo old socks or toysThere are no old bodies of mice or cats.Of course,There was no insulation either, and I could look down the attic and chase the chimney down to the basement.This is a great place to start answering questions about how to cool down the house.No attic ventilation on the roof peaks or screens.The only ventilation is provided by two vents.There's one at each end of the attic.The glazed tile is always dark.I now know why the upstairs of This Old House is so hot after the hot summer.The attic collected the heat for the whole day and then shared it with the downstairs for one night.How to keep the attic overheated and destroy good night sleep.There are 10 ways to cool the house and then add air conditioning.These will help you to keep your home livable at night-Try these modifications and improvements.1.The solar electric fan works well and is an investment of $450 to $800 at a time.When installed on the roofthe self-The included solar unit runs out of hot air from the attic whenever the sun hits the solar array with a fan operating in direct sunlight bright enough.When the best operation occurs, it is limited to increase the ventilation of the attic along the Eve and the peak ventilation of the roof.2.Well,It works on flat commercial buildingsMay also work at home.Anything that will cool the surface of the roof will help prevent heat from radiating into the attic space.Unfortunately,This can greatly increase your water charges.Sprinklers and hoses$20.Water costs about $300.3.Shade the roof and you have a cool loft and a cool home.If you have a two-story home, you just plant trees and shade trees around,It may take a while for this solution to be implemented.A redwood tree is 12 inch tall,$4.95.The shadow is expected in 40 years.4.Especially in the addition of insulation-Do not add the Insulating attic floor without air sealing air holes and penetration first.Best process,Good falling light,knee pads,And a tank of great things spray foam insulation.Material cost,$30.5.The method of cool house starts with attic ventilation.Most old houses don't have enough loft ventilation at all.Ventilation should allow air to flow from Eve to the peak.Take out solid bird blocking and add a screening vent to Eve.Add manufactured metal or plastic roof vents near the peak.When installing the new roof, it is the best time to increase the ventilation of the attic.Eve Soffit vents,$8.50.6.After air sealInstall insulation.Insulation will help slow down the transfer of heat from the attic to the living space below.The more insulation the more.The building code continues to increase heat preservation,In some colder places in this country,Insulation is-49 is code.This is about 16 inch insulated.Don't worry,This could be a do -?it-Your own project.Large building stores have materials and equipment that you need to do.Add insulation to the cold climate to keep warm,Add insulation to the warm climate to keep it cool.Add 12 inch of the blown glass fiber insulation for about $1.25 to $1.75 square feet of loft floor space.7.Sealed knee wall floor connection.Many older,The two-story house has knee-wall attic space.This is the space along the wall of the room upstairs, reducing the room on both sides of the room.You know,You stand upstairs and you have to be careful to stand in the middle of the room so as not to hit your head.The problem is that the knee wall attic is usually the floor between the open space, the room upstairs and the ceiling of the room downstairs.This means that the hot air in the attic of the knee wall can drive under the floor upstairs and help heat the whole house.Put some insulation in the plastic bag, and put a bag between the opening of each floor pallet in the attic of the knee wall.This will keep the hot air traveling between the floor and the ceiling.Sealing these floor pallet openings is important during the cooling season and during the heating season.$ Plastic bags.50,insulation,$1.00 a bag.8.At home in the old balloon frame,Chimney Chase is usually open, allowing heat and cold transfer between All floors,From the attic to the basement.Effective cooling and heating,These chasing corridors should be blocked.Spray Foam Insulation,$7.00 a can.9.Place one or more large box fans on the windows upstairs.Install them so that they blow out the window.Close all other doors and windows but have the interior doors open all the way to the basement.Draw the cool basement air through the windows of the House and upstairs.The basement is always cool and can help cool the rest of the home.Hopefully,You don't have a stinking pot of stove oil in the basement!A good box fan is about $30.10.Usually when you install solar panels on the roofThe panels are placed in a rack system that takes the panels about 3 inch from the roof.The panel keeps the sun light hitting the roof surface and slow heat transfer to the attic space.One of the advantages of solar panels on a hot day is shade them to provide a roof.Maybe not as good for shade as mahogany,But it is still a shadow.Most power companies will help you install solar panels.They know that when the weather gets hot, all the air conditioners start,They need all the help they can get to cool the house the way they can.I wish I had the old farmhouse with a large front porch and a large yard.I will have some tips to prepare for those hot summer nights when it gets so hot upstairs.After the air is sealed and insulated,I will install a solar loft fan.Install some solar panels on the roofPut a few box fans on the windows upstairs and roll out my sleeping bag on the front porch.These are the ways to cool the house.But you can still get a good night's sleep in the front porch.Of course,These days it will take a better air mattress than before.Thank you for stopping,Hope you sleep a little colder tonight.Don't forget to turn off the lights

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