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by:Carlos     2019-04-02
The shutters can match tradition and fashion of interior decoration It can be fixed in any room Provide effective and adequate insulation window cover To prevent the harmful ultraviolet light into the house It can control the sunlight inside the houseThe window looks nice window cover .The lower part of the shutters in Elizabeth period is used to close the window It is made of solid wood It let the fresh air and light into the room Fold when not in use as a decorative wall panelIn the late 19th century as a decoration .Window cover with the new house value added of the eternal The blinds are always in the trend When plan to redo the interior of the house , worth upgrading windows plantation blindsThese shutters for exclusive looking for a house, increase its artistic appearance .Is a real challenge interior designers to use these shutters in sliding glass door The house of their ideal, children and pets Looks more durable, give a perfect French doors of the house .Plantation blinds provide endless utility in wood and plasticThese shutters can be in different price range, in order to meet the needs of the customers Vinyl shutter is cheaper, it can look like wood shutters It has a different design , to adapt to the needs of different size and color Customized blinds for your own designSize, color, and louver can mix your interior decoration Shutters can be in the form of the unique Angle and arch to the elite The blinds can be installed by you or by the supplier .In order to customize the plantation shutters adhere to the following points :o quality quality finishO use quality wood like red alder Mix with your interior color O water reducible Poland and acrylic latex to vibrant color, dyeing .Synthesis of shutter can also The maintenance of this shutter is easy, it is highly durable and lightweightSynthesis of shutter is one of the best to use in the kitchen and bathroom Because it is -toxic, waterproof, flame retardant Synthetic shutter can give wood finish synchronization with the traditional interior decoration Synthetic blinds are popular due to the above advantages.
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