aluminum wall panels What is Rigid Foam Insulation and How is it Used?

by:Carlos     2019-04-04
There are three kinds of rigid foam insulation board polystyrene , polyisocyanate and polyurethane Everyone has the right to use them more suitable than others

I will introduce different types of uses and safety measures to be taken when installing loft insulation materialsThe first is a polystyrene. This type of insulation uses deep heat and pressure moldingIt is best used for wall and install loft insulation And .

Although it is much more expensive than the other two, its characteristics make it stronger and more durable than the other two.

The second kind of rigid foam insulation material is bead plateIn such a way, bead expand adapt , to create a better insulation area This type of insulation is often found in everyday products .Because the spacing of the beads allows the moisture to be absorbed. The third is polyisocyanate and polyisocyanate foam board.Because of its strength and durability to withstand extreme temperature when the ideal installation attic insulation It has an excellent application of aluminum foil faced moistureproof layer And .

Before using hard foam insulation, you need to know something.First, we will discuss the flame retardants

This product will take a lot of time to ignite, but once it is lit, it will burn steadily

It will burn for a whileSafety regulations require you to use refractory materials, such as panel , dry wall Gypsum wallboard, or insulation board. .It can also deteriorate in direct sunlight, so if you install insulation in the attic, you need to use acrylic silicone to protect it., asphalt rubber paint , roof felt, or tarBugs like nesting in insulated insulated basements or if you use insecticide-treated insulating floors is wiseAlso through the internal insulation you will prevent mistakes . Rigid foam insulation moisture absorption.It's easy to cause mould and wood damage In order to prevent this, you should use steam diffusion agent especially attic insulation installation Three kinds of insulating materials Loose fill Batteries and blankets and rigid foam board insulation this type has the cheapest initial start-up costsAnd .

Although it can be used for many things.If the installation error, the product will be counter production or security measures are not correct Before starting the installation attic insulation, please carefully read the safety measures to check with the local building code regulations .
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