aluminum wall panels Uses of Expansion Joints in Architecture

by:Carlos     2019-04-03
Expansion joints used in a number of important building structure, especially the requirements of these joints Buildings especially high-rise by many factors such as wind speed , weather, the seismic activity , etcEven if the .Let's take a look at some of the expansion joints usedExpansion joint cover the floor Ground expansion joint coverage requires careful selection is one of the most critical steps in the specification processThe main consideration in choosing a floor covering the rolling load and health requirements Seismic layer of aesthetics is another important consideration. .Walls and ceilingsIn choosing a floor covering choosing wall covering is the next on the list In comparison, it is a relatively simple decision, but when it comes to seismic joints, there are other options, depending on its aesthetics and function. There are many like stainless steel type joint cover various options panel From the wall, there are separates included in order to reduce losses or you can even choose those that are close to minimizing event maintenance.ExteriorThe exterior walls of any structure need to be reinforced to cope with the worst weather.Joints will be affected by high temperature , shrinkage , etc., in this case, you can't let the wallboard joint together the damaged. Architecture can be vertical thermoplastic outer seal, as for the earthquake wall can use flat wall covering, to provide you with the zero line of sight You can have flexible neoprene bellows with galvanized flanges or force aluminum to cove.Parking lot and stadiumNeed a good installation garage floor roof joints and joints Parking lot is multi-layered structure they need when the joints on the floor to avoid the position of the slide in the car Most floor expansion joint will fall off, fall off because their bolt support, the bolts need to protect with the lid of the high quality, so as to protect the center bolt. The venue also has a very large roof and floor space that needs to be built in a safe structure

The compression sealing Compression seal is the best choice of the expansion joints, because they can handle well. They need to be bound to a waterproof seal, so it's important that you get a high quality compression seal.The winged seals Wing seals are used in garages and stadiums, where continuous rotation and parking do not require any trouble., no smell, no garage closed maintenance, saving you the cost of maintenance .
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