aluminum wall panels Types of Store Fixtures

by:Carlos     2019-04-03
Storage equipment is used for visual merchandising and display Different types of storage devices are slatwall fixtures , grid wall unit , clothing store facilities , hangers, display caseThe shopping bag Jewelry displayThe gondola shelves and human body model Store fixtures maximize exposure on the product. .Slatwall storage with different sizes and colorsAlso called slatboard Slatwall Or trough plate and trough plates Slatwall can be used to display the clothes Accessories, equipment and jewelry.Different types of slatwall storage device panel , hooksfaceouts, , floor fixtures Line shows Oh, wire basket.Wire frameCorner of the form The manual holder, And the acrylic display Hangers are another type of storage device used to display clothesDifferent types of hangers are wooden hangers , metal hangers and plastic hangers .Display cabinets provide security for retailersEconomic style and aluminum frame style show . This includes a comprehensive vision.And half vision , open the case , jewelry, and kiosk Other types of display case special tower , worktableAnd the oak Base case , portable and customized equipment Different types of store fixtures used in jewelry display. This includes storage devices for necklaces, bracelets Ring display, chain and jewelry watches Different materials used in the jewelry store acrylic device Metal wood and velvet.Other types of storage devices are gridwall panel and gridwall hook They can be used in any store on the wall or floor The grid panels can be customized Gridwall storage device including wire rackOh, the brackets on the shelf.The raster display , mini grid , sign holders Fixed device, connectors, and floor Shopping bags are another type of storage deviceDifferent types of shopping bags are white craft bags, color bag , and the nature of the process Christmas shopping basket and bag .A collection of storage fixtures is used to display a collection of products.This includes the designer collections , metal storage device Ladder, chains and golf show Gondola shelves for heavy duty productsThese are made of steel, can support heavy products. Different sizes of the gondola shelves are available Mannequin dummy is usually used to display clothes The human body model store fixtures including the adult human body model Hey, kids., flexible, The human body model, movement and system .
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