aluminum wall panels Tin Tiles Ceiling - The Design Stamping Process

by:Carlos     2019-04-03
Identity and appearance of tin tin tile often depends on the ceiling the stamping process of ceramic tile This process is to distinguish the tin ceramic tile from any other type of ceiling or wall treatment It makes tin ceramic tile you can choose one of the most distinctive adornment method. The embossing of ceramic tile or the type of the look and feel of the indentation mode, "seal" to the metal Which is a three-dimensional quality that often depends on the thickness of tin and the indentation depth of the stamp.Appear shadow or reflection usually depends on the selected mode. Can provide a variety of colorsThere are so many models to choose from The ceiling or wall can choose according to the design of present different appearance. .Tin ceilings are mostly cheapDecorate, the United States chose to follow the plaster work more expensive in the past Although their popularity quickly spread to other continents Embossing of tin ceiling is usually a metal color scheme Such as tin, copperAluminum or finished products to mimic the appearance of another metal.They through a metal stamping contains a die-casting mould Bending and metal in the form of design, let them to reflect the different color shade effect model Although many people chose the more historic or old-fashioned design to give a room with a nostalgic feeling. , there are some modern panel looks more contemporary and fashionable patterns .You have a choice of some front- Make the design or you can customize your look according to the pattern you wantStamping die casting mould is creasing and improve the design and manufacture of metal parts with certain patterns and pattern repetition Ceramic tile, the tin ceiling must look Repeated patterns can be classified as 6" 24,12 "or" indicates how many times the mode is repeated in the 24 "the base station 24" panel6 ", so repeated shows the appearance of the four small tin block in a 24 "x 24" panel .Some of the most popular model It seems they have been namedThings such as -small teams, fansSmall circle, flowers , hang act the role ofing , big flower , in the front panel , wreaths and beads., e.g. Mainly is the contemporary , history, Victoria or classic design These things are the main pattern, repeating the entire tin tile ceiling or wall.The appearance of the printed patterns and repeat determine the room than color ,in many circumstancesHave a wide range of accessories like rhombic box decorated eaves and corner, can let a room look more complete Since tin tile ceiling design has a unique European or historic talent Most of the stamping is done by metal stamping on the metal.Tin, is to make the ceramic tile that feeling Of tin ceiling to any room and a unique look and feel of the mode and repetitive patterns to determine the final result , just like choose a color Follow this article to find extreme online discounts!
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