aluminum wall panels The Basics of House Painting

by:Carlos     2019-04-04
Your house is the property of your life.It's a matter of time when you notice that your house needs to be renovated-Not because it's getting old.But because you feel your house needs vibrant colors.Repainting your house is a tricky business.Some people rely on painting companies to do the job for you.Hiring a house painting service can also cost you.But if you're going to do it yourselfThe basics you may want to consider;And consider the time and energy you will draw your house.There are many types of paint today,Some finish to different surfaces,Others are designed for specific applications.First of all, it may be confusing to choose the right paint type,But once you predict the theme of your house that you want to paint and sort out the work you want and what to do,The choice is quite easy.There are two paint bases in your house:solvent-based (oil or alkyd)and water-based (latex).Oil-Slow drying of base paint-It usually takes 24 hours.Best clean oil-The base paint is a fuel-efficient or paint thinner.The advantage of latex paint is that it dries faster,But it is not advisable in hot weather or direct sunlight.The best latex paint cleaning only needs soap and water.So if you're painting your house?Water is recommended-based paints,while solvent-Draw the exterior of your house according to paint advice.There are different types of paint that are water-Base or solvent-Based on the different completion of the production, measured by its gloss factor."Sheen" is a term used to describe the degree of light reflection of paint.A smaller glossy interior or exterior paint means it has a smaller stain resistance.· Gloss paint is easy to clean and better resistant to wear and tear.This is the ideal room for constant use.Most gloss coatings are best recommended for wood products,baseboards,Walls of kitchen and bathroom,doorjambs,And window shell.Disadvantages of using gloss paint,however,It is an obvious defect on the surface of the wall.· A High-Gloss paint is a work of highly reflective and outstanding detail,Such as trimming and decorative molding.They're also the best choice for doors and cabinets-Or any area that sees massive abuse.· Semi-The gloss paint is very similar to the gloss except that it has a smaller gloss.Semi-Gloss is also suitable for rooms with high humidity (Best for children's rooms)It can also be used for trimming works and shells.These coatings ensure maximum durability.Egg Shell paint provides smooth and low-sheen finish.The paint is smooth and low-Sheen is ideal for your living roomdining rooms,bedrooms,and dens.It is a washable and ideal bedroom,hallways,Family office and family room.Satin paint provides a good combination of easy-Clean and moderately glossy.These paints exceed the shell in washing capacity.They did well in any room.Flat paint (matte paints)are non-Reflective and always great choice for big walls and ceilings.The flat paint is hidden in the surface of the wall and the defects of the splash during the application.Flat paint is the best choice for vinyl and aluminum siding and is scratch or hair flower as it hides imperfections and splashes less when applied.These paint are ideal low-Transportation areas such as formal dining room and master bedroom.Special coatings have been innovated from different consumer insights and brilliant paint technologies that allow specific paint needs.The ceiling apartment is designed for the ceiling.These are usually extra splashes-resistant.The primer may be oil-or water-Based and used to seal unpainted surfaces to prevent coating from being soaked to cover the coating.The appropriate type of primer is applied to the painted surface-wood,metal,Plaster or tile.There are some, "primers for all purposes", which can be used on these surfaces of two or more.· Anti-Condensate paint is used in rooms in wet conditions such as kitchens and bathrooms.This kind of paint is usually used to prevent condensation, and usually includes fungicides.· Fire-The flame retardant paint is not completely resistant to fire, but its fire-The resistance formula prevents fire from spreading fast.It's also important before drawing your room.You use primer.The primer will help the paint stick to the surface by providing a uniform appearance.If you paint a primer on a new wood head, it must be used.bare wood,drywall,Or repaint the existing bright or dark colors.But before doing thatYou must know the condition of the surface you want to draw.Whether the primer is oil or latex,You have to make the paint shine by polishing or removing hairCover it up with chemical degumming-Gloves products.If your paint doesn't shine,The second coat will fall off when dry and will not stick to the basic coat.If you want to change the atmosphere of your room?Painting is a good choice.Painting indoors,Use paint, dry faster and without a strong smell, it can be smelled by hovering around your child.Drawing the interior of your house requires a thorough estimate,Visualization and preparation.When you choose your theme for your room and purchase the work materials you need (paints,Paint brushes and rollers,Extension handle,paint tray,paint stirrer,drop clothes,step ladder,The painter's tape,etc.),All you need to do is follow these interior house painting tips:· Always provide enough ventilation when painting in your house.If you can't get enough ventilation in the work area,Use a respirator or mask.· Keep the paint container or solvent container closed when not in use.Keep paint products away from children's contact.Avoid direct contact with the skin.Always read the packaging (label)instructions.• Remove furniture from the room as much as possible, or combine heavier fixtures with delicate fixtures and cover them with a drop cloth.Provide enough lightning to give a good view of painting defects.Delete the switch board.· Repair the surface of the holes and cracks, you want to paste the paint with a premix spackling.After the paste is dry,The area of sand repair.Dust and ceiling washingwalls,baseboards,Doors and windows.· Clean,The sound wallpaper can be painted,But in most cases it's better to peel it off.Painting on wallpaper may begin to peel off.If you're painting the whole roomIt's best to paint the ceiling first!· If you are using paint rollersManeuver your arm in a series of diagonal lines (Form letter M).Fill in the open area by cross-scrolling.· If you are using a brushApply paint to unpainted areas in short strokes,It is called "wet dry "."Then brush back to the area where you just drew a smooth surface.If you're painting the ceilingDelete the bulb,chandeliers,Fluorescent lamp and fixture cover.Paint decoration firstIncluding the edge around the ceiling,molding,and trim.· Trim around paint firstIncluded on the ceiling edge.· When painting is done with glossKeep the last stroke away from the light source in the room.The small ridge of brush leaves is not so obvious.Use the same, "Wet Dry", painting method.Check for damage to carpentry.If there's one,Repair it with wood filler,Dry overnight, sand any rough spots of it and apply the sealing machine before painting.· If you use the same paint on walls and carpentryWhen you come to paint wood products.If it is another color with a higher glossWait until the wall is finished.Paint double-Hang the window from the pane between the wood and go out.On the windowsillOur same technology,But keep the windows open a little until the paint is dry.Panel DoorFirst paint the edges of the decorative molding,Then individual panels.The paint came out of the center.When the panel is finishedDraw vertical and horizontal plates.• Use the painter's tape or the painter's shield to prevent paint windows.Do not use mask tapes or duct tapes.Using a painter's tape or a painter's Shield will keep you covered for up to 3 days.First draw the bottom plate of the top edgeThen follow the bottom of the floor.Finally draw the middle part.Remove the cabinet door and drawer and paint the plane first.Drawing inside the edge,Then move to the external surface.CLEAN-· If you have paint drops on your floorDon't leave it there.With the paint set up longer,More difficult it will be cleared.Cloth washed with soap and water or solvent.· Use a razor-The scraper or putty knife cuts out the larger paint droplets that are dry.· Trim around the window sill with a scraper.Wash and dry brushes and rollers.Storing them according to the brand's advice not all brushes have the same type of bristles and not the rollers have the same material.·, Clean the paint from the edge of the tank.Tap the lid of the container with a hammer and wooden block.Storage solvent-The base paint can is reversed to prevent skin formation.Store paint at normal or room temperature.Don't put paint in an extremely hot or cold room.Every state in the United StatesS.Or different paint from each community/County can be treated.Check your local environmenthealth,And security laws.In the purchase of paint, you are going to use it for your external House,You have to choose a brand with essential features:hiding power,Color retention,chalk-resistance,And blister resistance.The hidden power supply comes from the paint and is affected by the way and thickness of the application.Color retention is the ability to maintain primary colors during sunlight exposure,etc.Anti-powder can prevent white powder from forming on the surface and reduce the color of the paint.Chalk happened in a period of time.Blister resistance prevents excessive moisture from passing through the substrate and affecting the coating layer.Tip:If the paint is applied to a wet or damp surface,Blistering is imminent.Drawing the look of your house requires a thorough estimate,Visualization and preparation.When you choose your theme for your own room and purchase the work materials you need.You will need these tools in drawing your exterior:caulk,sandpaper,Rags and/or paper towels,The painter's tape,garden hose,power washer,Or hose brush accessories,Washing water with sponges and buckets,spray nozzle,stepladder,Extended ladder,paint scraper,wire brush,putty knives,heat gun,Rotary paint removal tools and electric drills,caulk gun,sanding block,And work gloves.When you have all the tools in your handCheck your look.You may find problems with external painting,This may be any of the following:alligatoring,blistering,chalking,The chalk ran down,crackling,dirt pickup,efflorescence,fading,frosting,lapping,mildew,Rusty nail heads,Not compatible with paint,peeling,Poor alkaline resistance,poor adhesion,Poor gloss retention,Surface leaching,staining,Vinyl siding packaging,wax bleed,or wrinkling.If you already know what the problem is with the look of your house, or just to re-draw it,Follow these tips simply.You can also refer to the internal painting brush or roller stroke,etc.:First of all, clean the outside of your home thoroughly.Start at the top and work your way around the sides of the house.If you have a mold area on your sidingMildew or discoloration,Wash it with-Fungus cleaner.The area where the mask is not drawn.You might want to put masking tape on the edge of the House trim,In windows and door frames and trim,Because it is likely to be painted in a different color or higher gloss.You can also put paper or plastic cloth material on the doors and windows,Sliding glass door includedTo protect them from dripping water.· Place plastic drop cloth on plants and shrubsOr where the paint might drop on the porch.roof sections,sidewalks,Lane or other surface.It takes time to draw a house,Your budget costs a lot of money.but the end-The result is always great.
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