aluminum wall panels TEMO Sunrooms Have A Great Warranty

by:Carlos     2019-04-03
Founded in 1971, Dr TEMO Italian immigrants in the United States giovanni Vito The name itself represents Vitale : Trust, passion and enthusiasm , motivation and opportunity The company began to build houses with aluminum skirtsAnd then continue to create the sun room is composed of a single room. Skin aluminum wall built under aluminum with garage.Dr TEMO rapid growth Until 1981, they decided to focus on design of the most complex design and materials of the sun room. In 25 years, they'll still be strong

Roof is probably the most important part of a solarium If it leaks in the heavy rain , or after a foot of snow and sit on it for a few days So that was not good.Teo uses the best material and the best design to ensure that the roof works at all times.Roof not only must be able to withstand the pressure of the wind and snow , but must also be insulated Integration of drains and cascade is also a plug. Doors and Windows are designed to be weather tight And, of course, they also offer excellent strength and insulation

Keeping the water away from the structure of the "cry" systemWall and polymer coating used to prevent the harmful ultraviolet radiation, prevent fading This kind of coating has a lifetime warranty The window itself with a safety lock, in order to ensure your safety. .TEMO products have more important featuOf course, The window has a screen , the screen must stretchprevent Extractable, removable, the self -healingIn addition to the Windows security , they also have dirt For the treatment This will save cleaning time.!The cost of a Dr Temo sun room is about $10. More than $70 in 000 ,000According to the size of the room , it's style and various characteristics And basic needsBut Dr TEMO - Authorized dealers offer low interest rates, attractive financing options and special incentives and financing options .Dr TEMO in the solarium industry one of the most attractive Their aluminum frame has a reason not to bubble., pit or leather in normal use and service Window hardware and stripping guarantee without any defects, under normal use will not fail Their roof panels and polymer wall should be free from defects, and not in the normal use and construction practice stratification. .(This is an important phrase", normal u.")This warranty is lifetime warranty. , it is very important - this is transferable If you decide to sell your house .
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