aluminum wall panels Sustainable Design in New Home Plans

by:Carlos     2019-04-04
The goal of sustainable design is to eliminate negative environmental impacts through sensitivityAnd skilled design Sustainable design minimum impact to the environment. , don't need -Renewable resourcesTo relate the human and the nature Sustainable design need foresight in site selection , housing construction plan Material SelectionAnd project implementationSome of the factors to consider include the choice - sustainable production or recycling of toxic substances Process, and requires minimum energy The materials used more lasting and higher durability Reduce the impact of production and replacementDesign reuse and recycling And design of biological system In order to be able to reuse materials in a continuous closed cycle,The basic idea is to create a healthy family Does not cause harm to households or the environment.Many private and government organizations are the sustainable standards for new housing plans New method, there are more and more rapid rise of the emerging science and sustainable development Sustainable technology means using less energy and fewer resources co., LTD Do not consume natural resources Do not pollute the environment directly or indirectlyAt last, the design reuse and recovery of useful life And .

Sustainable buildings seek to reduce the environmental impact of the manufacture and transport of building components, both during construction and during the life of the building.Is the purpose of sustainable design in heating and cooling efficiency, such as ground source heat pump Use of alternative energy sources, such as ikea location and solar heating water and electricity technology Recycling of building materials and, where possible, use of local materialsTo collect rainwater for cleaning and gardening ; and onSite waste management Waste management is to prevent problems and eliminate the problem. Sustainable waste management involves the use of the product -toxic and waste minimizationCan be used for anaerobic composting or digestion.The site can be reused , or recycling sites .Sustainable housing planning and design technology is based on the use of renewable energy, such as geothermal energy. , solar, hydroWind and bioenergywind Through wind turbines to capture , is the world's fastest growing energy source : used for centuries in Europe It is now popular in the United StatesCan use through the use of solar energy photovoltaic power generation Take a shower, and use the passive solar water heater, heat their homes Sustainable design. The basic test is whether it can pull the plug - do not use fossil fuel

It means completely eliminating pollution, not just reducing it.These goals have been implemented. 59, 2004 Have been housing community was unveiled in freiburg It is the first community in the world where every family produces a positive energy balance.

Sustainable design also means the construction of renewable and recyclable materials such as glass furniture and appliances, steelAluminum, And it is designed for repair and recycling .
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