aluminum wall panels Sony DAV-X1V - The Real Deal Sony Home Theater

by:Carlos     2019-04-04
The ideal minimum aesthetic taste SONY DAV - X1V is SONY home theater, for those who don't like wires mixed and disorderly use. And a speaker system by a large number of users actually add clutter in a room

Used to handle increased compression values in the sound systemSONY DAV -X1V Sony Home Theater Sports LifestyleMaterial design , in a compact home theater system.This special Sony Home Theater system is 2Channel surround sound speaker setup , composed of a subwoofer and two satellite speakers , anchored in a main unit housing SONY's CD player, home theater audio/video receiver . HighGlossy black side panels and aluminum skin to Sony DAV-the attractive appearance of the main units of the X1VIt has a curved front panel on the art The minimum number of button , making Sony home theater equipment a user-friendly home theater system

Sizing 3.63 x 16.38 x 12Many inches The main unit is smaller than most audio / video receivers. Only 3" by 7" speakers25 inches wide are smaller than most of the speakers But that does not compromise the SONY family cinema has surround sound quality Because its performance level and 5. 1.1 Channel surround speaker systemS, the use of SONY -Forge Pro 21. Digital sound signal processing.The SCreate 2 professional .1 the system enables two loudspeakers to combine surround sound fields5, was just as effective .1, 6.1 or 7Surround sound channel Settings . The DAV- X1V SONY home theater system also has a 5 disk converter, can deal with the data type of the media . Jpegs, mp3 compressed audio DivX encoded video files is DAV fair game -Sony Home Theater system.The DAVThe X1V Sony home theater system has two casting metal worktables for its two speakers.An optional WS - FVX1 floor stand can be added to the package , for those who decided to put their speakers up rather than on any person to speak on the floor of the room .One of the most impressive things about Sony's home theater system is that it's easy to installIt is very easy and fast Because the wiring system is combined into one.Fork cable , run 9 .8-foot subwoofer speake, and 164 feet The plug has a label , to make them easily into they want plug. Easy to install.Sony's digital theater automatic calibration system is also integrated into the dav.- X1V SONY home theater system Automatic calibration of digital cinema system will automatically adjust the equilibrium level of all the speaker volume It also their distance measuring speaker , and compensate for the sound pointing to the main viewing area

to make a long story short, the DAV-X1V Sony Home Theater has versatile audio and video processing performanceAs the home theater system It is clean and tidy Compact, but really loud Packaging performance is quite good, comparable to the more advanced home theater system

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