aluminum wall panels Something to Know About Air Duct Cleaning

by:Carlos     2019-04-04
In the air duct (Heating, ventilation, and air - conditioning, training, fitness training ) system to provide the air flow, to take care of the supply and exhaust

They are often referred to as "ventilation" pipes because they also provide ventilation as part of the supply- discharge cycle They are a good one to guarantee the best comfort in heating and cooling air quality.Pipe can be the following types ::: Aluminum pipesFabric conduit• glass fiber pipe The flexible pipe, Galvanized steel, • Polyurethane insulation boardIt is recommended that air pipes be cleaned regularly, in addition to dust and contaminants, items such as children's toys should be removed., debrisThe paper clip Hair, pets, and any materials, trapped inside And .

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) air duct cleaning may be unnecessary if tenants home from allergy or disease, and if a routine examination showed no signs of any dust particles deposited on the inside

But it cautions that indoor air is five times as polluted as outdoor air and is unhealthy because indoor air may contain bacteriaFungi and mold continue to circulate in the house

The national association of air duct cleaning (NADCA) estimate, 6 - residential indoor allergens can collect as many as 40 pounds , dust in the air pipes every yeaIn the statistical That means 40.10,000 litter of dust and 40 pounds of dust per ounce.When it is necessary ?The cleaning time or time may vary from family to family.The general situation of location, location and equipment .However, and some of the Pointers to clean :, when need more frequently for dust removal and cleaning ,• when have obvious traces of dust around ,When there seems to be no fixed pipe air in some parts of the house,,:: When a musty odor or smell persists in the air• when a home into the eyes of the people to experience a burning sensation , nose and throat A stuffy nose Keep sneezing, have a headache Runny nose, etc

The benefits of air duct cleaning In addition to the obvious benefits to a clean home, environmental protection from dust and pollutants Energy conservation is a vital benefit.Routine use of Easy to get dirty the air heating and cooling systems Dust and pollutants make the system more work, so reduce the life span of the piping system. Energy efficiency studies show that up to 40% of energy is used for indoor heating or air-the air conditioning is wasted., this is a huge amount, when converted to electricity and energy bills to pay. .
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