aluminum wall panels Slatwall Garage Storage Rack Systems

by:Carlos     2019-04-01
The Slatwall garage storage rack system makes your garage look like a showroom. Older systems are made of steel, aluminum or pressed wood. They look very professionalThey are very heavyExpensive and difficult to handle. Several manufacturers now produce lightweight PVC or resin systemsTo make them affordable and easy to install.Slatwall garage storage rack system for large or small tools, equipment and supplies depend on the type of accessories you install on the wall. The cabinet is equipped with a 72-inch high or 26-inch upper or lower cabinet, ideal for storing chemicals and smaller items, and should be hidden or kept away from dust. You can also get trash cans in a variety of sizes and styles.,hook, strap hookShelfAnd shelves specially designed to hold sports equipment such as tennis rackets and ballsGolf equipment, baseball glove and batAnd bicycle. Some branded accessories can be mounted directly on a wall or slat system, E.gIf you hang your bike in an area separate from the slat systemYou can still get a bike hook that matches the look of the system.There are six slats- or eight- Foot length, can be used for the entire wall or just a small part. They can be mounted on a dry wall or mounted directly onto a stud. These panels can be customized in many configurations, high density cellulose PVC or resin materials are durable and easy to clean. They come in a variety of colorsThe most popular is silver, white or maple. PVC version can hold up to 400 pounds per wall panel.If you have never done this beforeThe starting suit is definitely the way to go.. They come in 24 square foot or 48 square foot suits, including panels,hook, shelf and installation hardware required to install and complete the system. Beginner's suits range in price from $230 to $530. Some manufacturers offer free program guides and online videos to help you design your system.installation tipsKeep the following tips when installing slatwallGarage storage rack. The highest point you have to go is 85 to 90 inches from the ground.. Other than that, you won’t be able to get stored tools and other things.. You also want to leave the floor at least 6 inches.. No need to waste slats in unusable space. and alsoLeave the corner 6 to 24 inches. For sports equipment as well as lawn and gardening tools, you don’t have to go all the way to the top of the garage, so you only need two or three panels. Before installing, you need a stud detector, a second drill,tape measure, industrial construction adhesives and contractor levels. Slatwalls not only for garages. They can also be used in the laundry room, hobby room or workshop.
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