aluminum wall panels Shed Construction Plans - Making A Wooden Storage Shed

by:Carlos     2019-04-03
Building a one from the back in your own yard is much easier than it soundsThe material that you need , hut building plans And motivation, some free time .Prepare your construction site:Remove all the rocks , trees and any way To the ground, shares in 96 "x96" perimeter And .

After they are all on the ground, tie the rope to the pillar and keep the others away from the area.

Measure the distance between each pile and verify that diagonal measurements are equal.Prepare basic :To control weeds and drainage, must dig the grass and soil in the pile to 4 "deep. Landscape structure, and then covered area, the most important thing is that pea gravel 4" Concrete block off the perimeter And the outer edge with a line.Then dig holes, 24 "12" deep in each block Fill Kong Dou gravel in three layers of 4 ", laid a concrete block with a perfect level .Cover the floor.:Install two 2 x6 "ribbon and end beam match the shape and size of the construction plan , then check to see if there are squares and squares between beamsNail 2 "x6" bracket in the middle of every 12 "and sliding keel, and nail them. . Next, plus 2 x6 stop joist to prevent distorted or moving between them And then nail 5/8 "floor joists, make sure to cover the entire floor surface .Make a wall :Think of the floor of the shed as a working face, and you nail the wall one at a timeFind the position of Windows and doors open then put together tacked to the wall , structural componentsAnd wall panels Every 2 x4 "nail column per 16" and then install 7/16 "on both ends of OSB panels framework . Erect walls, install temporary supports for each wall, and check to make sure they are flat and square.After joining roof by joint from one wall to another corner together tacked to the wall .The roof of the building :Will cut two "X8x8 ridge board marker for every 16 inches, which will be installed beam and support it Carefully check the wall to make sure that everything is straight, if needed Push or pull them to the right place and support them again

Install the beam on the screw of the wall with two sThe bottom of the nail each wall plate , 2 x4 ceiling keel and at the top of the roof plate After the completion of the roof structure, will be 2 "x4" submarine in a row. -Fascia plate to top plate and set in placeSheath roof using 1/2 "plywood, and ensure the center line of the roof truss . NextAround the periphery fixed aluminum mold, and on the edge of the roof connection around a layer of roofing felt paper Installation of herpes zoster and complete the ridge cap .To complete the :Install the door at the opening according to the manufacturer's construction planNow do the same window Then install decoration decoration, external support is required Install the vinyl siding The fascia and aluminum model followed by the bottom bottom

Seams around doors and windows to find out where water is likely to infiltrate

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