aluminum wall panels Residential and Commercial Phenolic Air Ducting

by:Carlos     2019-04-04
Residential and commercial buildings is not completely no good insulation Some of the most important system of air ducts , if they are poorly insulated or untight seal, will lead to higher energy consumption. Construction of pipeline system of pipe is a network layer , ceilings and walls.Air from home central air conditioning and furnace to the building of each room .Phenolic air ductThese systems and the main material of aluminum foil of high strength and phenolic foam strengthen aluminum on both sides And .

It's an anomaly.-flammable substances that do not produce toxic gas or smoke on firePhenolic foam bending strength than 1 mpa, and index of thermal conductivity is about 0 .02w/mk.They can cut and glue into the various types of rectangular pipe. - into various shapes and sizes of duct with adhesives and fire Fancy flange. They can be used in the ventilation system of the basic air conditioning area of the apartment., hotels, office building, , hospitals and other luxurious buildings .Features and benefitsPhenolic duct has the following benefits and other brands on the market .1

Low densityMinimum weight2Low coefficient of thermal conductivity - high thermal efficiency 3FICFC/CFC free foaming material -Environmental protection4Corrosion protection , hygiene and breathtaking looks5Flermetic seal- small air leak 6. Closed cell foam- good insulation and waterproof 7Easy to make Fast installation, maintenance is convenient. - cost saving 8

Non-convex flange-Saving a lot of building space.9The service life is long 10Light weight - easy to transport and handling 11

Excellent temperature capability-- -- -- -- -- -- -- 140 -- 150 degrees Fahrenheit .12. Uniform maintenance skills1Check the air leakage of pipeline - looking for edge should be to join but disconnect, then look for loopholes . Pipe glue is an ideal material for sealing pipe joints and joints

ClothSupport and rubber adhesive tape should be avoided, because they will fail soon .2Hire a qualified professional maintenance or install them Professional experience and the right tools to complete the task correctly. .3Ensure good-there's a sealed wall on the other side.(OutsideIn order to prevent moisture condensation) cooling pipes. .traditionally , duct is installed by the metal, and then wrapped with insulating materials . TodayManufacturers like to use pipe packaging to make galvanized steel pipes so that panels can be installed in a simple step

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