aluminum wall panels Pegboard and Slat-Wall - A Low Cost But High Value Storage Solution

by:Carlos     2019-04-02
Doesn't seem to have enough storage space in your garage Especially when it comes to small things Hand tools , tape, nuts and bolts CleanerThat football , shovels, rakes, boots

The list goes on Sometimes it's hard to find a home for these projects and many times they end up on the floor Your bench, Lost in a box or boxA simple solution to this problem is to install a small nail plate or strip -wall garage walls and include some simple deserve to act the role of the "little things" to increase your storage and reduce your stuff .Small nail plate is a thin , persistent table made of various materials series of symmetrical placed hole . Hooks, shelves, bins, basketsAnd other accessories can be attached to the small nail board table for storing or displaying different items from small tools with heavier objects like bicyclesPegboard material building has different characteristics, influence the range of possible USES .Standard perforated cardboard (pegboard) is usually made of wood fiber and resin Coated with oil, baking at high temperature polymer oil increases strength , hardness and water resistancePerforated cardboard one disadvantage is that it can be bent and twisted and age or the presence of moisture Perforated cardboard can sag under high load, unless given uniform is to help distribute weight . HoweverThe advantages of standard perforated cardboard is aesthetic and low cost Black wood color can add warmth, match your garage wood cabinets When only needing light storage is an actual choice.Metal pegboard is usually composed of galvanized steel , stainless steel Or aluminum table These tables production is usually cast by an extrusion process or after drilling It can be used in a variety of colors and designs to complement any garage themeMetal pegboard usually don't sag Under the heavy load, distorted or division and much heavier load capacity than the standard pegboard It has a higher cost than standard pegboard, but its strength allows a wider range of applications .Slat-wall system board design level Parallel grooves are machined or shaped into materials, like a small nail plate that can be used with a range of decorative accessoriesIt is usually made of wood , MDF(medium density fiberboard (MDF) ) or PVC(poly vinyl chloride ) and very durable and attractive . Slat- wall is usually used for hanging clothes racks and other items in retail storesThe garage, but can be easily used to store . Slat- wall can be installed on the whole surface of the garage even hide any ugly defects, allow the end garage to store tools Can be hung on the slat even cabinets and shelves - wall as long as it is normal .
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