aluminum wall panels Painting Aluminum Siding

by:Carlos     2019-04-01
Painting aluminum siding is very simple. The trick of this project is to find a way to create a layer of color that coexists with the old dirt that already exists.. First of all, you have to clean up the panel. You will have to remove any paint residue that may still be on the panel. Use very strict diluents or similar solutions. Take a sponge and then wipe the panel aluminum.If you want to absolutely dilute the panelYou can try thisBut pay attention: This is very toxic. You can pour a gallon of thinner into a pale. Before you start to open the thinnerTo ensure that the security device is activated first. You need goggles. You need rubber gloves- the kind of elbow. You need to cover/dress from head to toe- no flip slippers. You need a breathing filter / instrument or gas mask- These things are inhaled and poisonous. Please do this before you start using open paint cans or paint thinners.. Once your security device is turned on, continue to open the paint thinner tank. You can completely immerse it with a rag- it- Thinner, then apply and brush the panel.this wayWill become thinner everywhereSo be prepared. When the panel is still on the house, you don't want to do this. Do not use this method if you want to be still on the house when painting on aluminum panels.. Use is to use diluted oil base paint. When the panel is still attached to the house, you can use the primer for the panel. Before you do thisYou still need to cleanHowever, washing and drying panels. So I started doing this for the whole house.. Don't divide it into several pieces. You can clean the entire house before you start painting.. You will want to use some very good cleaning soaps at very high concentrations.. Some home-decorated retail stores, such as Home Depot or Lowe's, will bring specific soaps for this very specific purpose..No matter which soap you decide to choose- Please be sure to use some common sense here., I mean you don't want to use soap, dish detergent, or laundry detergent- You should continue to clean the house. You want to hone, but you don't have to use a high water pressure device to clean the aluminum. After the first groupYou may find a little paint- Small pieces- This is natural.. Don't worry about this. The paint will fallLet it fall off naturally. ActuallyClean up until there is no paint. You don't want to see any chips or similar content about the panel area. After completing a panelYou can continue to the next one. Complete this process until you complete the entire house. Each group should take 1 to 3 days to dry. You must arrange this project around the weather forecast. You won't want fog or morning dew to start your drying process again..
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