aluminum wall panels Metal and Wood Panels for Printed Photos

by:Carlos     2019-04-01
There is an exciting new product in the photography market.- Chromaluxe Metal and Wood Photo. Chromaluxe offers a new way to create photos or artwork on extremely durable and scratch-resistant surfaces. Any type of image can be directly injected into a specially coated Chromaluxe metal,woodAnd desktop boards with superior quality and resolution. These metal and wood photo panels have four different surface finishes- Glossy whiteMatte whiteClear gloss and matte clarity. When transferring images to this special coatingIt gives you a vibrant,Yes-to- Color image reproduction with excellent detail quality. With clear coating, aluminum will be displayed through the lighter transfer area and leave a metallic appearance. These photo panels are made of high quality aluminum or wood of various sizes. They provide customized printable media to create vibrant, exceptionally clear, high-resolution photos and artwork.Chromaluxe products are an excellent choice for commercial use,artAnd home decorating applications. These panels are made into a range of display options, including HD metal wall panelsReady-to- On the wooden board, desktop easel panelAnd hinged multiple panels. There is also a Creative Borders photo panel.. These metal panels come in four different designs that are unique and enhance any space in your home or office..An independent research and testing laboratory has conducted an environmental life test on the Chromaluxe photo sheet and concluded that the product is the longest photo medium on the market.. The first laboratory test replicated the effects of incandescent lighting and indirect natural sunlight on the potential for significant fading over time.. Chromaluxe compares with the top three-lasting(file) Photo paper with test results showing Chromaluxe's u200bu200bduration is twice that of the next closest photographic paper, four times longer than the third best photographic paper. The second lab test replicated the effects of fluorescent lights in a windowless office environment. In this test, measuring the possibility of significant fadingChromaluxe is longer than its nearest one- equivalent to 1 photo paper. 7 times the life of photo paper.The vibrancy of Chromaluxe products is comparable to any photographic product on the market and exceeds the quality of traditional paper prints when placed behind glass. Chromaluxe offers exceptional detail and resolution so you can turn your photography into the focus of wall decoration. These aluminum and wood panels are highly regarded among photography labs and professional photographers around the world.
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