aluminum wall panels Living Off the Grid- Steps to Help You Become Independent

by:Carlos     2019-04-04
It may be exciting to be ready to live in the grid.Finally,You will actually move in the direction of reducing your carbon footprint.You are venturing into a new world where you will eventually save or make money,Depends on the amount of electricity you produce.Usually the process is gradual and there is a cost to any new one.Here are some of the steps outlined or fairly involved in building a closed grid system.First,Study your appliance and find out the kWhr for each appliance.The energy generated is in kilowatt hours.For example,two 50-The Watt bulb stays at 1 KW for 10 hours-Hours of electricity (2x50 W x 10 hours).Search for Hidden large Watts electric users:One is a 380 W gas stove ignition.and/or stoves.It is heated or cooked even in electrical appliances.Put or switch your single or dual pane window three?pane,Especially ecological assault,Using argon or argon,Although argon is cheaper.Let your door pass the strike test.Place lights at home.Light, you light up your place of work,Watching TV, cooking on the stove, surfing the internet, searching on the computer,Helps reduce energy use compared to lighting the entire room.In addition,Rooms with on-site lighting are more comfortable than cold,harsh well -Lighting environment.Determine if solar energy is used only or only wind turbines or solar/wind hybrid systems are used.No matter what system you chooseMake sure to check the water level in the battery every 3 months and add distilled water when needed to keep the water level adequate.This ensures you have the longest battery life,Whether it's 5 years or all the way up to 20 years depends on the battery type selection.Before installing the solar panel, in a state below zero temperature,Make sure you provide a way to clear the panels of snow and ice, otherwise your electrical output can be greatly reduced.Determine if you want to build your own windmill.For help and many different windmill projects go to other power points com.They even have a forum where you can join.And check the map of home style abroad,Check the landscape on your home site.Whether there is a direction of deformation of trees/vegetation, the general wind (Strong wind speedOr there is no obvious difference in vegetation (Low wind speed)?You can find Griggs-Using tree deformation to predict the putenan index of wind speed.Also, if there is a seasonal change in your energy needs,Make sure it fits your season.If so,great.If not,Time to consider increasing the size of your wind generator.Use solar panels to charge electric vehicles or electric hybrid batteries.Why not make the most of your power system and go all the way to be self-sufficient.If solar taxis can travel around the world,What is stopping you in the city around your electric or electric hybrid car.Remember,I said if your heavy energy demand is the opposite of your strong wind TimeDo you need to increase your purchase of wind turbines?If you use a solar/wind hybrid systemForget your wind turbine.Having two energy sources in place is like having a backup wind and vice versa.Hence,You can narrow down your model,So that your purchase is more affordable.Set up solar panels in areas where it snows in winter,Make sure you set them to the pole high enough to avoid snow drift and animal damage.The proper tilt is the latitude of the site.When planning to pump water from your well,Even a pond,To a higher point,You need to estimate the elevator or head,Specify at the foot.However,Estimate top down at your head.In addition,For a pressurized tank, be sure to add the head pressure of the pump to the water pressure of the tank.Systems installed in 1980s typically operate valves and pumps using electronic controls.These have a tendency to fail and it's hard to know how to solve their technicians.No wonder the solar water pump has not lost its favor until recently.Some modern systemsBelieve it or notOften simpler.These are called passive pump systems.The photovoltaic 12 v panel is connected directly to the EDM pump.This eliminates control.Next non-Toxic antifreeze is heated and cycled to a heat exchanger (HE).Via gravity,He allowed the tap water to circulate through it,Heat 120 gallons and insulated tanks.This is called a closed loop,Photovoltaic solar heat pump system.Active pumps have open or closed-loop types.Determine which system is right for you.The active system uses electricity to operate the pump,And the controller, open and close the valve.This means that more costs will not run without losing power,But they can be more efficient.The open loop active system has the lowest cost, but since there is no heat exchanger, there is no use of antifreeze,Will not work in a cold climate, subject to lower freezing temperatures.They just cycle the warm water from the storage tank.As long as you realize that the hot water temperature in your home is low, you can easily expand the system up.Not for commercial use.The standard line pressure will work fine here.Leaving the grid,When one or more key energy components fail,You need to provide important emergency supplies like water.You can't just call your local power company and wait a few hours for things to get back to normal.You need to store water in these emergencies.When collecting the rain on the roofYou will need to remove, "rinse for the first time" and move it from entering your storage tank.This "first flush" water contains dust and dirt, settling on the roof before the rain.There are many ways from manual to automatic allowing water to be used to beautify and water your garden from the beginning of rain, rather than entering your water storage tank.Your tank needs to be tight-Fits the lid and is located away from the trees,But in a dark place.Reducing sunlight exposure to storage tanks means less chance of algae growth,Keep the water clean and cool.You don't need the cathedral ceiling to let the air flow in your home.You need an envelope house.The air is passively circulated throughout the family.During the day, the air in the greenhouse rises, passing through the basement or crawling space after reaching the peak of the north wall.This warms the Earth or masonry in the basement tunnel.Conversely,The air may be cool at night,Let the earth or masonry give up some heat into the air.If a home is builtTry using cool air to cool the house from the basement in the summer by allowing the air to move freely from the basement to the first floor of the home via a porous floor or a floor above the parallel slits basement.Of course,Don't forget the South-Facing the solarium in winter.Although heat loss and gain are difficult to measure,really now,Is there a significant savings in low cost or little or no additional heat evidence required?2 The shell of the envelope and the foot or more gaps between them produce at least 30 R values.Over time, all parts need to be repaired or even replaced for wear or failure.When you connect to the grid,You want utility preparation and contingency plans.Just because you're not connected to the grid,Why should you be different.Through the planning now,Any interruption of the power system will cause inconvenience, not disaster.The whole idea of living outside the grid is to save money.If you have to buy freeze-Dry or canned meat,besides tuna,You may spend money and a lot of money.Hence,Some animals provide you with meat without cooling.Some possible poultry suggestions are guinea pigs.musovy ducks,And the common chicken house,In the chicken house.of course.Guinea hens are unique because they are excellent runners and flirters,At least for short distances.They need a minimum of supplementary feed and feed, and do not scratch in dirt like a regular chicken.Hence,If you let them go wild,They will not spoil your garden and grass like a regular chicken club.Cheap candles to buy.The safest is a wide candle with a diameter of at least 2 inch and a height of more than 4 inch.Be sure to buy a glass base for each candle.Then,It will hit the glass and cool safely when hot wax drops.Think about the compost toilet.So your regulations need a septic system.Fine.Why not install the compost toilet as a backup system.Unused,But ready to enter a state of emergency.The compost toilet is really an ecosystem.You have two main toilet systems at any time.One is break down for a year, one is active.The active one requires a small amount of immersion (Straw or wood chips)After each use, it has a vent and drain out excess liquid.Now,This compost toilet system must be checked every day,But the end result is excellent compost in your garden.Your garden is not recommended, though,As a safety precaution.Rainwater harvesting is considered a major emergency plan.Others include additional storage tanks ready to go for notification at any time.The watchdog can be placed on pastured animals as well as llamas and donkeys.Now,The caretaker dogs will take special care of what other pasture animals do because they don't eat.However,Camels and donkeys make pasture in the pasture,But camels can be angry or partial to individuals at farm families.Yes,Donkey can be stubborn,But its legs and mouth go at the same time enough to scare away even me!If you find yourself in a space or appropriate regulation to raise animals and/or short Gardens,Think about the grid of life step by step.If you find yourself freeHowever, in order to implement the emergency plan, there is a shortage of funds,you,too,Can go to the grid of life at the stage.That is,Use the grid as a backup plan until you have most of the components living comfortably outside the grid in the right place.Until then,Focusing on the development of an alternative energy source, such as wind energy or solar energy, as well as an emergency plan such as animals or the storage of food,Can it be canned or frozen -?dried or both.
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