aluminum wall panels How To Use Ordinary Objects To Make Unique Window Hardware

by:Carlos     2019-04-04
If you want something more than hang your unique curtain rod The treatment of the window (you are my that kind of woman ! Or man!), there are You can replace it with a lot of daily necessities.Do your own Wonderful and unusual window hardware:1The coat hooks And .

Brass or metal coating hooks can be mounted on it.You have the window of the curtain.Attach the curtain ring or Fabric is at the top of the curtain, and placed in hooksAdornment to be able to touch like bow or silk flowers Also attached to the hook that draws the finishing touch. JustMake sure you have a few extra hooks hanging on youcoat on!2Glass or brass doorknob hand Scour antique stores or thrift The old doorknob store.(whether they Unworthy.!) attach them to the top of the windowThe curtain Knob and structure relationship .(the idea for coat rack-in case you hook all your jacketsThe curtain of you Hey! Just stick the knob on a nice piece of sandpaper.,stained, sealed wooden baseNearby, hanging on the wall your door!)3. Spoons. Have you ever bought a bent spoon or fork?Try to eat ice cream ? Well, this is your opportunity The deformity of tools The equipment of curved shape hookHurry up! They will be a good hardware tool for kitchen curtains!4And .

Cup hookOrdinary cup hook painted a bright color be usedPegged to the coat , simply add the curtain rings Or tie the fabric to the curtains and slide off the hook.!They look very good, very cheap !5. If you are a horse-loving person, or have a country home., why don't you try A horseshoe ? Attach a horseshoe nail to the wall(who knows those who called ?), with her nails Draw the curtains You can also use horseshoesIt's like tied together.!6. The line clip clip (the plural of clothespin) of clothes How the old With clothes-pin ?Simply connect the top of the curtain to a rope or a thin rod.Through the top of the windowPaint pins colorfulAcrylic coating or make natural wood .Just look at your kitchen or bathroom dozens You can use the hardware . Creative, but I draw If you are male in the family suggested that holding a curtain KnifeOr staple food Hurry up! Darts or darts.After all, Her, a woman standardsNo, she ? Hmmmm

Picked them up? 5 * stilettos attached to the wallThey must be good For something.!Do you think this article useful More useful tips and tricks Oh, think about it. Keep it in mind., technology About your house, insightsBoth indoor and outdoor Your kitchen and bathroom Please visit our website for more information.
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