aluminum wall panels How to Properly Measure Windows for Curtains

by:Carlos     2019-04-04
The curtain can be a beautiful, versatile any room in your home . HoweverBecause there are many different styles of curtain to choose from And sometimes it's hard to know how to correctly measure the window. If you are ready to add new curtains Here are some measurement techniques to make sure they are perfect and beautiful.Choose the curtain style Before you start measuring, it can help to do some decide what kind of curtain do you want And .

The length of the curtains., the desired enrichment, would you like to hang curtain or directly use the curtain hook can take all factors into the measurement Other necessary decisions include whether you wanted to use the sheath in the curtain. , or if you want to add a window curtains Once you make these decisionsWell, you'll be better prepared to start measuring

The length of the curtain The length of the curtain can increase the overall appearance of the room And .

If you have a concave windowThe curtain, just come into contact with the windowsill can work well . Sill-long curtains can also be used well in modern rooms with horizontal windows. If you like the followingThe length of the window curtain , these often look'd better prevent or fine tieback In order to protect the privacy, the curtain of the coffee shop covers only the bottom half of the window. To allow enough sunlight to enter the room from the top half. FloorLength of the curtain is usually measured, so they just brush on the floor . HoweverSometimes, keep curtains long enough so they can "puddle" on the floor and fold up, adding a touch of fashion.Especially in the area without pedestrians. FloorThe length of the curtain is very beautiful in the use of Windows , bay and bowAnd the French Windows and belt .To measure When measuring the curtain , you should plan to use the accuracy of the steel tape

Your size should be accurate., rounded to the nearest quarter inchBe sure to write down all the measurements carefully , take notes, so that you understand each refers to the measurement Measuring the every window in the room Even if they look the same sizeMost of the time have a small window size change is not obvious, until you realize that your curtains do not conform to the normal . If your curtain style is designed to look out of the windowFrom this, be sure to begin your measurement Of course, Curtain style for internal mold design., you should adjust your starting point of the corresponding measurement As a general rule , you will want your total curtain width is about 2. Measuring window width 1/2 timesIn order to fully enrichIf you use the panel curtain , it is important to remember that they usually two episodes Make sure you have enough of the panel so that the total width is about 2 combined -1/2 times the width of the window.

Measuring length, start the curtain rod at the top of your measurement, if they are already in place Otherwise, , you can simply measure at the top of the began to take shape .
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