aluminum wall panels How to Make a Steam Room at Home

by:Carlos     2019-04-04
Steam room relaxation and entertainment places Room is plane, the temperature needed for steam This is to use a fixed in place of the regulator. Room can be at home or as a transcendental structure outside the building

It is important to have an economic system.The water can be stored on the ceiling. Cooling and heating machines are placed outside the roomThis is because the electricity and water supply system .The steam room can be a twelve by twelve room made of various materials.

These walls can be built of masonry or woodInside the room there was a sitting on a bench It also has a sloping ceiling nine feet high. This is to ensure that the steam is concentrated in a small place Door can be used by using aluminum. It should be opened outside like an emergency exit.Can by tongue-and-groove seam PVC or cork wood ceiling The bench can be built of wood or ceramic tile .The steam room is made of masonry and has a roof.This is then stick the ceramic tile of rough

The ceiling branching was done on the slope

This should be tilted towards the doorAluminum door then fixed on the door open Lighting is by using a ball Then, from the steam pipe machine external position.

There is a jet in the pipe, and the jet will be fixed to the bottom of the seatUsing copper pipe And .

A bench should be built around the room

The steam room bench is half foot off the ground, one foot wideIt is built of masonry . Then the room was in all directions, including benches and floors.Then fixed in PVC ceiling branding Id of the control panel and switch fixed wiring and water system Then, the room is closed, not turn on the water. After this the temperature needed for setting up and open the machine

About five to ten minutes later, steam began to gush out of the jetAnd .

After this test, the room is ready for use

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