aluminum wall panels How to Make a Chicken Coop in 7 Steps

by:Carlos     2019-04-04
Build a successful chicken house in 7 simple-To-Having a chicken house is a good way to be self sufficient.Eggs can be baked and cooked in chickens.They can also be the source of meat.They can also provide additional income by selling eggs.Chickens need a relatively small place compared to other farm animals.Although it all sounds good.Like any animal.Responsibility.You have to make sure this is something you can and want to do.So if you have confidence that you want to build a chicken house and take care of the chicken,then read on!Step #1 -Chicken House construction-Get plans ready!The first thing you have to do is make a plan.Know how many chickens you want and what kind of chicken house you need.There are predators in most areas.So consider it too.Get the right material including the insulation.You will want to make sure you get pressure to handle outdoor wood.This is the moisture that such Wood will not rot.You will need to keep the chicken warm in winter.However,If the place where you live, it will be lower than freezing, you will need to install the heating and the chicken will be cock and spawn.The size of your chicken house depends directly on the number of chickens you want.Step #2 -At the beginning,You will need to find the highest point in the yard and close its level.Make sure your chicken has 2 square feet of space per chicken.If you build it in the low.This is so the area does not flood and leaves the ground to hold water.Lay the foundation frame and floor.The size will vary according to your requirements.You should go from a batten of a rectangular frame with intervals of 6 to 8 inch depending on the size you want.Lay the floor using your choice of fiberglass flooring or plywood.Step #3 -Next,Build the frame for the wall.Make sure the beam is about 1 to 2 feet apart depending on the size required.The roof will be tilted enough for rain to run off.To make this easier,You can start all the beams of the same size and then use the measuring tape and pencil to get the required tilt uniformity.Because the roof will tilt,It is important that the wall frame is the same size.Ensure that the measurements of each frame pillar match each other.There should be two for each size.The size of the rear wall pillar should be the same as the last pillar on the side wall frame.It is a frame that is easier to build on the ground and make sure the measurements are correct, then lift them up and match them accordingly.Step #4 -On the wall,Now What?Once the pillars of the wall,The roof pillar can be placed on the top of the side wall frame.If you want an end,You can cut leather strips to support the overhanging roof truss.You can choose which side of the door you want?But a door is needed to clean the inside of the chicken house and place food when needed.The side of the wall to be placed by the goalkeeper will require struts to be closer to where the door frame is placed.The first support from the edge should be about 2 feet.The second one will only be 1 feet with another support at about 3 feet from that one to ensure that the standard door can fit.Place the cross section of the beam between the two pillars so that the door frame is high enough that you can get the bottom.Five and a half to 6 feet are the best.The less you need to start,the better.At the top of the door frame,Attach at least one short support to the roof from the top of the door frame.Also,Make sure to use the same process to leave room for at least two windows of air circulation.It is useful to use steel or aluminum angle support to ensure that the structure is sound.The screws stay better than nails,as well.Step #5 -After installing the wall frame, a nested box should be established,But before the interior walls were hungThey can build at least 12 inch.Otherwise, the chickens will not lie on them because they will be too small.Access gates should be placed outside to make sure you have access to the eggs and clean the nest as needed.Put as many nested boxes as you can because you have chickens.Chickens sometimes share boxes.But you don't want to rely on that.After the nesting is completed,The specification of the wall panel needs to be cut.Install the wall panel inside the coop to surround it,Keep doors and windows in mind.Once these are installed,Before hanging the outer wall panel, isolate the wall from the outside.Fix the insulation layer between strutsRemember the windows and doors again.It hangs after insulation,Hanging exterior panel.The back wall will be almost solid,In addition to a small hole in the wall, it will be used as an outlet for chickens.You should cut about 12 holes-24 inch in diameter.Put a sloping board for the chicken to enter and exit.Once it's all doneYou can add a selection of the desired type or style window,There is also a door.You will need to connect the hinge door and the way to open it,And lock it.Step #6 -Build Roost!Building roost depends on what is needed.Take a wooden dowry,Cut them to the desired length,Then fasten them on a small board.Once completed, connect the board to the interior wall.This should be one of the last steps.Put as many of your wishes as possible,But remember to leave the room and clean it.Your main concern should be to keep your chickens safe.Once the chicken house is gone,It is best to build the so-called chicken run.It is the length of the fence around the coop.This fence can come out of 6 feet coop.But further if you need it.It should stand 6 feet high.The design will be simple,But kind of like the frame of the chicken house wall.It should be built the same,That way a door can be installed and you can go into the area around the coop to clean it up and get any eggs the chicken lies there.Once the framework works,Stick the shredded chicken on the height and length of the wall,But digging a trench inside the chicken runs and runs a wider range of barbed wire so that it enters the ground and lays flat,About 12 to 18 inch from the wall itself.Step #7 -Cover the shredded chicken back up to make sure the chicken is not entangled in it.This is how the wires run under the ground, if the Fox or other ground-based predators try to dig under the fence,They won't cross the chicken line underground.When you want to protect the airLike a chicken eagle,The chicken running covering the whole area runs from the wall to the wall with the shredded chicken across the top.This will prevent the entry of predatory birds.If you put your door in the coop areaBefore connecting the wire to the door, make sure to work with the frame of the two beams crossing the door to support the weight of the door.For the operation of chicken walls,There is no need to use shredded chicken.You can use almost any kind of barbed wire,But for the shell roofIt is better to use chicken as a smaller link.These instructions can vary as needed.Feel free to have fun and creativity.Add color and make your doors and windows in shape.After all,Will be for you and your chicken.So get the whole family involved.And come up with something interesting and creative, not only interesting to see,But also be efficient.
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