aluminum wall panels How To Install Slatwall

by:Carlos     2019-04-01
The Slatwall panel is a great choice for retail store owners or managers. The Slatwall panel is not difficult to install, but you may want a professional to do the work for you so that it can withstand the maximum weight.. Your public liability insurance may also require you to install a slat wall professionally, as it may pose a significant risk to the public if the public may fall..Store your Slatwall before installationSince the wall is made of wood, it can expand and contract at different temperature and humidity levels.. Therefore, they should be stored in the area to be installed for 48 hours or more before installation.. Make sure the flat walls are placed flat and protect the corners and edges from accidental scratches or other damage.preparationThe wall fixed to the wall should be completely dry. If you have encountered wet problems before, you may need to apply a moisture barrier on the wall.. Moisture may seep into the siding and damage them from behindTo reduce their life. Although if they are strong and real, you can fix the wall directly to the inner wall.You may need to install the slats before pasting the wall, as this will make it easier and more accurate to align the siding. Vertical slats should be placed up to 60 cm for heavy-duty products, adding extra slats to make them 30 cm apart. If you will cover the area where the light switch's power outlet is locatedCut holes in the wall before fixing the panel to the wall.CuttingIf it is necessary to cut any panel on the line of sightThen you can use any ordinary wood- Work tools including power saws, jig saw and table saw. Plan to install and cut panels as needed to prevent errors before starting the installation. Completed for ore professional, cut the panel that will be at the end of a line, and mark and cut from the back so that it is less noticeable in the finished display.fixingWhen fixing the slats, start from a corner and work in an orderly manner along the wall.. If you put one panel on top of another, first fix the bottom panel. Fix no more than 60 cm between the screws and tighten the screws so that they are not so obvious and are not easy to hook. By using slats, you can make sure your panels are working properly during installation.Complete contactYou can use the inner and outer corners to complete the slat wall installation in a more professional way. Then you just add your specific accessories, such as shelves, greeting card display, hook or clip, and start filling your slatwall display with the product of your choice. Once you've installed the siding display, you'll be amazed at how familiar you are with this form of display..
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