aluminum wall panels History Of Backpacking

by:Carlos     2019-04-03
Hiking today is the beginning of the easier and more interesting People can pack like everything from home with them , such as computer , mobile phone or watching TV on their travel Because of all the latest technologies, such as solar panel charging equipment,That is another matter The necessity of many people's backpacks is not because of illness, hunger, , wild animal attacks or robbers - a few examples Until the 17th century, people traveled for the purpose of education or entertainment

Rich europeans sends a "big tourism" before a final effort they settled to the marriage and career Just like before University of teenagers these days to travel in Europe Giovanni Careri is the first pioneer of global travel fun. It took him 80 days to complete the trip, and he wrote an accompanying book, "80 days around the World."To that end, he can smuggling valuables from countries The earliest backpackers is the old hunter - collector, collector (gatherer of the plural noun) They are animals and eat wild fruit in where The aboriginal Australians of these nomadic tribesSouth African BushmanGnome Congo and native American tribes .In the United States and David livingstone in 1492, Christopher Columbus adventure exploring Africa many explorers in 1841 just two paving the way for backpackers Lloyds 1920 F Nelson invented the camping backpack to make it more comfortable by adding a backpackBefore, with the shoulder strap backpack just a loose bag In 1965, President lyndon johanns "national scenic travel method" was proposed, the act encourages individuals more found outdoors and enjoy nature. This hiker has providedDefine the trajectory tracking . Greg Loy designed the inside famous knapsack, distributing the weight of the backpack around the buttocks.From the wooden frame and backpacking gear are better aluminum tube Heavy canvas, waterproof nylon Cooking utensils made of titanium and steel Quick drying, wool clothes synthetics and oil/wood stove alcohol/butane .The 1910 backpack was fabricated.After the second world war in the 1940 s, more and more people have time to travel, so the travel trailer and camping has become more and more popular. Because the military design hiking gear and aluminum lighter Alloy frame Then, lighter boxes will be welcomed by outdoor enthusiasts. 1970 lightweight nylon backpacks are everywhere.In 1990, behind the development of the program will not leave any traces . In 2000, all the best housing innovations, sleeping bags, Cooker is becoming lighter and easier to carry .The best results have not yet arrived because the principles of this project are very important to our ecological environment.So hiking conscious society will become more and more Leave nature as you find it don't destroy it, our beautiful wild animals will continue to flourish .
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