aluminum wall panels Gridwall Vs Slatwall

by:Carlos     2019-04-01
Many retail stores that want to make the most of their space will turn to grid wall or wall display. Both can make good use of small space. By utilizing the vertical space on the wall, you can greatly reduce the number of floor displays required by the store. Both are very versatile. You can constantly rearrange the shelves, hooks and hangers to meet your inventory needs. Your clothes and other items will not be hiddenTightly squat on the floor stand. insteadThey can be easily seen by anyone at the store.. This is easy to promote sales, your customer baseAnd your wallet.Slatwall is a very popular choice among retailers looking to make the most of small spaces. Slatwall has a variety of colors and wood grain. Can install SlatwallBy you or contractorRivets directly into the store wall. You may want to hire a professional to make sure they are properly seated so they can withstand the most weight. Slatwall panels provide vinyl or aluminum inserts in the slots to further increase the weight they can hold.If you choose slatwall, order your slatwall accessories. Count the shelves you will have and determine how many shelves,hook, you need hangers and bars. Brushed nickel, chrome and black are popular choices. Acrylic is also used extensively to reduce the focus on hardware. You may want to use metal instead of acrylic to make heavy objectsBecause it is more durable. There are endless hardware options to choose from. Once you have installed slatwallYou can arrange and rearrange your clothes, electronic product, accessories and more, convenient and convenient.Gridwall is another popular choice to take advantage of space. Gridwall is also sold as a panel, basically a metal grid. Heavy wire forming grid. You can install it on the wall of the store and use the gridwall accessory to display the entire inventory.. Gridwall has black to choose from, chrome and brushed nickel. You can make your grid wall fade into the backgroundOr highlight the feeling of the city. Gridwall is very sturdy and can be cheaper than slatwall. You can still easily rearrange the versatility of your items at any time..Get more advantages with gridwall. Grid section offers more kinds of sizes. You can also connect parts together and create a floor display. You can decide to build a fitting towerOr just another hanger that doesn't take up large round rack space. You can connect the grid wall sections together to form a small compartment wall or a free wallSmall compartment with more options.Whether you choose slatwall or gridwall for the storeYou will love the space they have and the versatility they provide..
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