aluminum wall panels Green Acres is the Place to Be (Your Guide to Purchasing a Green-Built Home)

by:Carlos     2019-04-04
For today's sophisticated buyersLike a claw tub,Base sink,The Beadboard trim and wide rocking chair porch are the coolest.The nature of the house built almost a century ago attracts people to like magnets.As for this day-to-The daily maintenance of those houseshowever,Only 21 century country-of-the-art will do,thank you.Want a home that looks charming most,But it's also good-Where they can live comfortably,Aesthetic and affordable,Where can they live -?well,'green'.Economic and environmental concerns have driven an increase in interest and demand for green life.But how do we evaluate enconomical -?Friendly design?Green buildings are still relatively new,Most people don't know how it can positively influence their lives or their homes.Almost everyone wants a green home,But few people know how to find and evaluate a first thing.This is until now.First of all, it is important to note that green-Built home is built like every other home.The difference is that the builders take additional precautions to use sustainable materials and technologies to improve the air quality inside and reduce the amount of energy needed to run the home.Builders also take steps to ensure a positive contribution of the family to the outdoor environment.Near the town of art Renault in Atlanta is a eclectic mixed bungalow home,Shotguns,Artisan Cottage,Loft and hostReinondon now has more and more certified green homes, and new buildings have replaced some of the old stocks.Bungalows are so fun that you can have a lot of fun with them.The Art Deco movement inspired bold colors and creative designs like tall skirting boards,tall doors,Perfect bathroom with decorative molding and pictures.In fact,The inherent design of the bungalow makes it naturally suitable for green buildings.Let's take a walk through a typical energy-efficient building and identify the features we should look for when shopping Green-built home.One of the best ways to reduce household energy consumption is to reduce household size.So,One simple thing you can doIf you want to live a greener life, it is to find a smaller house.Just think about it-Smaller families use less everything.If enough ideas are put into the planning and design of a family,Then a smaller home can look and feel more spacious than it actually is.And sure,You get a little less space.But you can use every room effectively.Utility savings,comfort,Charm and aesthetic taste.All open air spaces should be sealed from the smallest to the obvious,Even the smallest air leak can cause more damage than you know.Sealed areas, such as windows,doors,Pipeline installation,attics,floors,walls,Lamps and sockets tighten the building envelope,Reduce energy consumption and avoid air pollution.More importantlyIt kept it wrong.The ladies at home will be very grateful.Be wary,If you walk into a house and see a wall-to-Wall carpet,Dust mites are often trapped in carpets.If the House is carpetedIt doesn't necessarily mean it's not green-built house,Because builders have the right to choose which green features to incorporate into their designs.There are green buildings of different levels.Just remember if there's a carpet at homeYou will have more dust to fight against, which will also reduce the air quality in your home.Although it will not be obvious to the eyes,You should always ask what type of paint is used on the wall.You want a non-No toxic paint using chemicals.No volatile organic compounds in paint (no VOC)Or low VOC works best.Another feature that will improve the air quality of a home and create a healthier living environment is to have a separate garage.People didn't realize that by buying a home that was separated from the house by a garage,You avoid possible exhaust emissions and can enter the home from the garage, polluting the air you breathe at home.One of the most impressive green features a family can have is a product called Techshield,It looks like a piece of ordinary plywood on one side with aluminum foil.This kind of plywood is called OSB board.This is an engineering wood panel.The aluminum side provides a radiation barrier that is laid along the roof line.Its purpose is to reflect the warmth of the sun, thus reducing the heat of the natural sun into the home.It will definitely keep the living area cool, the cost of HVAC is reduced,And should save hundreds of dollars in the crumbling summer of Atlanta.In fact,You may not need to turn on the air conditioner at all during some summer days.How good this is.In terms of performance scale,It certainly got one and a referral letter.Buyers who want to invest in green homes should also look for fireplaces like wood burning that can be used to spend-Heat the home effectively in winter.Other basic items that will help you operate your home more efficiently are ceiling fans,Compact fluorescent lamps,Low flow faucet and shower head,Low flush toilet,Programmable thermostat,Insulation on the pipe leading to the water heater (Or no tank water heater),Heat pumps or other high efficiency systems,Higher than normal insulation in the attic and laundry room,And on the ceiling,Floor and wall holes,And low E doors and windows.Also,Be sure to ask what her evaluation is.Her energy rating system represents the family.It is analyzing the family's construction plan and-On-site inspection,The pipeline leather and leather were tested in the family.Households with a score of less than 100 per point reduced their energy consumption by 1%.Her 76 rating means that the house is 24% more efficient than the standard reference home.Green life means choosing a healthier lifestyle.This means ecology-Friendly benefits your home does not stop at the back door.They do outdoor activities.If a home is its own,Close to all kinds of facilities-libraries,Parks and other entertainment-It has the advantage of having easy access to all parts of the highway and the City-If it goes-friendly -Close to dining and public transport-The family then offers additional green benefits.External Green points are awarded,Because it saves the cost of natural gas for homeowners and reduces environmental emissions.The more places you can walk from homethe better.If the footprint in the yard is smaller than what you usually findThere is less grass cut and less water needed to make landscaping flourish.By recycling the remaining materials on site during the construction process,Reduce waste at home,Rich soil and send a lot of less landfill sites.All green homes will not contain each of these items.As mentioned earlier,Builders have the right to choose which green projects they will incorporate into the design of a home.But if a home is really greenIt will contain a large number of these items.Some families will even include a wider range of greenery, such as solar panels,Geothermal energy,Even a green roof.There are more Green functions that can be selected according to the distance of the Green Tree (And money tree)You want to travel.Any residence built in accordance with the energy star guidelines and certified by independent third party inspection and testing procedures (such as a geotechnical house or Leeds) will provide immediate savings to homeowners.In today's economy, reducing energy bills and saving water is a double benefit for home buyers.If you're not sure if the home meets the official green test,Please be sure to check the approved stamps of the third party certification program (such as the geotechnical house or Leeds.They have done the work for you and are sure that the home in question is green certified.Next time you visit homeTake this list with you.If you're lucky enough to find a place that catches your eye and meets your needsIt happens to be a green building,Grab it and call it home with pride ".As an extra bonus,You will enjoy a lot of energy and utility savings, and you will also enjoy a healthier daily living environment.Ready to pay a little extra front for your green home.There are some additional costs involved to make the home energy efficient.But these costs are reduced by saving utilities,Energy tax credit,And fewer visits to doctors.In the long run-you win!
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