aluminum wall panels Glass Window Security by the Vistabrik

by:Carlos     2019-04-03
For the business The project, construction, and institutions Install the Windows of the most common and the cheapest way is to use heat insulation glass system, while a single glass use aluminum or vinyl frame structure. . HoweverWindow, save the daily maintenance and repair cost, from graffiti wall system and protect your property Oh, prank.Heavy gunfire Bad weather, fire, noise Solution from Pittsburgh corning glass Vistabrik series of alarm. .Cause of VistabrikSafety is acclaimed, glass window :The elastic resistance - tested in extreme conditions 3" made of thick glass, it is a combat weapon including high pressure release.357 rounds of large calibre revolver bullets and 9 mm.Cuts in graffiti and other losses - graffiti and intentionally damaging property with "not diminish - stick glass surface Can avoid unnecessary items or walk on the 8 * 8 * 3 "glass block 40 pounds Each square foot is glued together

Refractory, explosion-proof;- level security against fire of the building through the solid glass block Can design 45 window panel , 60UL approved fire rating, and 90 minutes .denoise- rental building near the railway station Huge thugs and crowded market ,Machinery IndustryTraffic becomes difficult, therefore lead to poor employee productivity due to distraction . Glass tile provides a noise-proof, calm atmosphere, the effect is very good.Class, there is a sound and noise reduction coefficient .05.Reduce maintenance costs - save maintenance and repair costs to replace the glass walls and Windows, and the rigid solid glass Windows and fixed on the wall, to improve the durability of the building, thereby saving the total cost of ownership. .The testimony of the famous institutions Commercial and well-known building solid glass blocks have been widely used:Lloyd's hall, Philadelphia, is a famous entertainment center to install solid glass block .Perry's elevated channel high school Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Logan airport parking lot Boston, Massachusetts.The Vistabrik Glass window anti-theft solid glass blocks are widely used in prisons., detention center To the police station , courts and highly secure places.Options and accessories in the safety blocks and bricks Have options and accessories safety blocks and bricks In order to increase the privacy and clear field of vision With 8" x 8" x 3"4 "× 8" x 3 and 3 "× 8" x 3 "sizes availableFor high-level security project, 8 by 8 "x3" size can use lettering surface delivery. , usually solid blocks with plaster daub and galvanized window pane to clamp or open The masonry units has also toughened glass Windows standard because of its strength .In today's era Great concern for the safety and safety of buildingsVistabrik, safety glazing glass block provides the best combination of safety and cost efficiency. .Ultimately To society, to provide comfort and safety .
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