aluminum wall panels Glass Block Wall and Bar Sizes For Design and Installation Success

by:Carlos     2019-04-04
"Why can't you design and install a glass block wall or bar as easy as piecing together Lego blocks,A customer once asked.Although this is not so easy,With a new shapesizes,Prefabricated technology and mounting accessories can be used in the home more and more today with this unique glass wall product,Commercial and commercial buildings.Follow these 5 steps and you will be able to create a cool one,stylish,And easy to maintain walls or bars.Step 1)Where do you want to use your glass block wall or bar?How big do you want to make the wall?These special glass walls can be used inside,Within the external structure of a house or building,Even outside.The most common uses include separation of rooms by partition walls,shower walls,Bar in kitchen and recreation room.When designing and determining the material required for this project, the size and shape of the wall is critical.O size and shape of glass bar-Most bars are 40 "high (5 courses 8 "blocks stacked on top of each other.The countertop is installed after the block work is completed.Additional stability and cool design consider making your bar a design with an "L shape" or an angle shape or a circle (radius)look.The bar should be anchored into a wall to add support.O size and shape of glass block wall-A wall can be built almost any size,But the maximum size of each wall section (or panel)Will vary according to the thickness of the block (3 1/8 "or 3 7/8" thick)If the wall will be in the home or building inside or outside.Since most of the walls are built in a size of 7/8 thick,Here's a quick reference to how big you can make your wall without the need for some type of glass plate between engineering steel or aluminum support structures:1.Maximum wall panel size (3 7/8 "thick blocks)-Total square feet of walls-250 sq.feet.-Maximum height--Maximum width-2.Maximum exterior panel size (3 7/8 "thick blocks)-Total square feet of walls-144 sq.feet.-Maximum height--Maximum width-Step 2)What kind of floor,Place a block wall on a local wall or foundation?What is the minimum width of the base of the block wall?The block wall or bar can be placed on any surface, as long as it is the sound on the structure, about 3 "to 4", wide.Most walls weigh about 12 pounds square feet of wall area.Shower Pan made of acrylicfiberglass,And tile concrete works very well.Interior walls with wooden pallets are usually fine as well as long as the floor is horizontal.Place the block on the knee wall (Also called half wallWork with metal studs and drywall support as well.Step 3)What do you need to put your glass block wall or bar together?Can the panel part be manufactured to make the project easier?The installation of the retaining wall can make it easier to use the interval,Installation System,Or pre-purchase-Made the part of the block.Here is a quick overview of each method:O glass block interval-In the past days, blocks have to be pieced together by a skilled mason contractor-These skilled craftsmen can be expensive and difficult to find.Using all the plastic spacer blocks can be placed evenly and spaced even helps to keep the walls or bars flush and in place as you are building it.Intervals can be used for straight or radius walls.O installation system-The new vinyl stack installation system uses the alignment and holding blocks between the vinyl horizontal and vertical spacing blocks where it is easy to assemble.Silicone is used to combine the block with the vinyl interval inside the block wall.The system can be used for both internal and external applications.Special tile grouting or silicone can be used to complete the joint.O prefabrication or pre?Do the block part-Block with vinyl stack installation system department can be pre-Assemble and install on site.Glass panel manufacturers can build these parts for you,Often save time and money to get the job done.Who should these parts be designed to consider (m)The wall will be installed and physically located on the project site.Step 4)Choose the right size,shapes,And colors that make your glass block walls and bars cool and unique.O there are various block sizes,patterns,shapes,colors,Art design murals,And lighting options are available for your wall or bar.Here is an overview of your options:O size and thickness of glass blocks for walls or bars-Glass masonry units are the size of metric and American.Most of the blocks in the US are American-sized.The size of the United States can be in 4 "x 8 ",6" x 6",6" x 8",8" x 8",and 12" x 12".Professional shapes can help you turn,At 45 degrees,Create a circular or radius wall if you want to walk or roll in the shower,Or finish the end of the wall or bar with a smooth bullnose.The nominal size of the block means that the actual size of the block unit is "smaller allowed mortar joints to adhere to each other (An 8 "x 8" block actually measures 7 "x 7 ").Blocks of walls and bars are 3 "and 4" thick.Thin blocks (3 1/8" thick)More cost-effective,But the design options are more limited in blocks of this kind of thickness.o Patterns,Design and color glass block-There are various modes to provide different levels of privacy,style,And design options.Blocks can now be in standard and custom colors,tints,Any interior design style that matches the Art Deco murals.Check out a comprehensive block site and see the possibilities.O lighting your block-Lighting at the back of the glass wall is becoming more and more popular.Consider the optical fiber system (Where the color of the block wall can change with the system runningOr a clear wall behind standard rope lighting for extra impact.Step 5)Don't worry about any of the first 4 steps, call the glass block supplier,Panel manufacturer and installation professional-If you really don't want to figure out what size?shape,The design layout is best called a block professional company that provides design,supply,Wall manufacturing and installation services.Companies of this type usually come to your home or business (No charge),Measure your shower space,Find out the possible design for you,And install it with guarantee.
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