aluminum wall panels Garden Shed Storage Construction

by:Carlos     2019-04-03
a garden shed storage structureAs conventional cabinet It took all the garden tools and other things in one place. This is a great way to organize all the needs of the garden And make your backyard look more tidy and more pleasant

There are a lot of garden sheds for sale on the market. . However, you can build your own if you are on a budget . Also, sometimes had better build your own store, so you can customize the appropriate size and material And .

Follow the simple steps of building a garden shed

First, delineate the perimeter of the shed to determine the exact location and reduce errors.Using three 2 x3 , tracking rectangular and triangular, create a second impression of the circumference. In triangular form four additional string Standing around . The string must cross the corner of the actual perimeter

Concrete block base , the use of concrete pillars or concrete slab And .

At least eight concrete piers buried below the front line have concrete columns.Concrete slab is made by digging a hole on the other hand, the plywood and truss beam resting on the ground .construction of the ground systemThe floor joists must correspond to the shed Two parallel beam every 12 inches Triangle method is used to create a right-angle pattern Parentheses are stapled in the middle, and attach the string.

Plywood was nailed to the entire surface of the flooTo ensure that the plywood is perpendicular to the beam .Build the walls one by one on the shed floorNailing on both ends Connect the plywood panel to the wall . Support walls with temporary pillars until all walls join togetheEach other four walls .Every 16 inches rafters Mark the location of the truss beam Osb coverage

Install the next doo.As for the Windows,Before, The Windows of the manufacturing is available . The next step to install

Then install the roof.Garden sheds usually use three kinds of materials : metal, vinyl, and wood .Metal is usually galvanized steel or aluminum coating baked enamel finish resilience They have various colors, easy to maintain .The vinyl board is very hard with a painted steel door.Structures subjected to any type of weather, also easy to maintain .Wood has a traditional barns It has solid wood structure, similar to a little house. .Some of the most popular accessories with a shed in the garden are listed below .A solid, single-layer structure for moving equipment into and out of a shed, such as a lawn mower.It is usually made of wood or metal. Some slope more wise than lawn tractor tire .Used to increase the natural light in the Windows and skylights And .

The skylight is a horizontal window placed on the roof of the shed.

It helps to save money and energyShutter Windows with window frame can also .Loft as a lawn mower parking space. They are basically as a space larger equipment .As storage shelf installation tools and other materials to achieve the organization .The workbench is important when the shed is used as a hobby, shop, or horticultural area

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