aluminum wall panels Faux Painting Techniques

by:Carlos     2019-04-03
Artificial painting Hand, a decoration - creative painting technology In be being designed indoors, has become very popular It captures warm textiles., depth, a mixture of light and color, for your home or office created a wall treatment. There are many technologiesFive style, but we will see .Glazing: first of all, we have one of the most common artificial painting. , GlazingThis free form is famous for completing subtle changes in color and natureSoft glow, versatile , it can adapt to any living environment with modern tradition It gives a peaceA sense of serenity adds comfort to any room in your home or anywhere you decide.Wash color glass technology , carding and breakage is one of the most popular .Aging:Added, the technology of ambry of a beautiful, old, elegant appearance. Wood paneling, , stitches and furniture

Today, with the help of advanced products, aging technology seems almost magical in terms of simplicity.You can in a few minutes to repeat for many years, the effect of natural weathering For example, , lighting Sand trimming or molding, with a knife edge or use a knife or create whole wooden peg At the same time, on a piece of furniture legs or arms a little black mark in the drawing, and painting on a few spots on it. .CodingStenciling is a simple way to add a custom pattern wall . Widely used in the living room., floors, bathroom and furniture You can find inspiration in your home and watch the wallpaper repetitive patterns , rugs, fabrics and ceramic tile Design is a good way to handle different floral pattern Spray code traces its roots, as early as the ancient Egyptian eraI found on the texture background have very good template, such as cloth, sponge or color detergent. .marble : marble sculpture is an eternal veneer, increase the courage and the magnificent any space It can be successfully used in modern or traditional environment. When marble carvingChoose a surface, may actually be made of marble, such as the anchor line , molding, panelsMantel, columns, or desktop It can also help a block of marble, do you like to use the color of the base and the guidance of the highest . It's great to add a glazed seal to your work.A little practice And anyone can create the beautiful finish .Wood chips : Also known as "artificial wood incense"Wood granulation is an eternal finish that adds warmth and beauty to any spaceIt can be used for almost any style of decoration, from mahogany gentlemen to bleached oak farmhouse restaurant bar. When wood graining Choose the surface, is actually made of wood , such as substrate , model, panels, mantels, column or desktopI want to say very clearly , wood graining is one of the most difficult artificial completed, need some practice It is best to try for the first time in a redundant wood or card board .
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