aluminum wall panels Exterior Wall Cladding - Most Popular Types

by:Carlos     2019-04-01
The outer wall surface of the building constitutes the outer skin of the building. These surfaces or building components are often called cladding. The purpose of the wall covering is to provide weather-resistant outer envelopes for the building.. The exterior building envelope shall be designed and constructed to prevent accumulation of water within the wall components and cavities. There are many different types,styleMaterial selection for exterior wall coverings. Wall cladding also provides aesthetic and architectural appeal to the exterior of the building.Exterior cladding includes the following:1. Wood products including hardboard,panel, shingles and milkshakes, plywood, wooden siding, OSBClapboard siding2. Bricklaying and other products,stone, simulated stone, pouring concrete,Concrete slabsAnd concrete blocks3. Vinyl siding4. fiber- sidingFives. metal products, such as steel or aluminum siding6. Stucco in wooden construction or concrete blocks7. Synthetic plaster(EIFS or external insulation surface treatment system)8. Asphalt shingles9. Slate or clay brickEach type of exterior cladding has various features related to installation,durable,ExteriorAnd cost difference. Factors to consider:1. the weather-tight- Ability to resist water,snowZephyr2. strength- Resistance to mechanical damage3. Structural properties- Ability to carry loads4. Insulation valueFives. Maintenance requirements6. Common failure modeThe best wall covering has strong wind resistanceWater, pests entering, and mechanical damage. The ideal exterior cladding is inexpensiveEasy to install and reduce labor costsProvides excellent safety and beauty appealLong economic lifeAnd provide good insulation properties. Most side panels and cladding do not provide all of the above features. It is important to plan the project to meet all the considerations.In some geographic regions, it is very common for various types of exterior cladding to be more dominant and popular.. The type of exterior cladding may be related to the availability of materials and laborIn combination with the characteristics of various walls in this particular location. Water intrusion through external cladding and building envelopes will greatly affect the durability of the structure and the health of its occupants.
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