aluminum wall panels Drywall Installation Made Easy

by:Carlos     2019-04-01
Installation of drywall panels must be completed by at least two people. why? The main reason is that they are heavy and may work in some spaces.. The 4x8 measures 55 pounds, while the 4x12 weighs 82 pounds.. The 8-foot panel can be easily carried in your choiceHowever, the bigger size should be sent to your home for something bigger.The following are the basic tools and materials required for installation.:toolmaterialsAll you have to do is install the drywall panels in these simple and simple steps..1. Be sure to buy enough drywall before starting renovations.. Measure your walls and ceilings. Use 3/8" to 1⁄2" thick drywall panels for walls and 5/8" thick drywall panels for ceilings.If you have a wide ceiling, you can order a larger drywall panel. Drywall panels are up to 52 feet in length and 9 feet wide. however, the larger the drywall area you chooseThe heavier they are. It's best to choose the right size for your size..2. Before installing the drywall panel to the wall, first install the drywall panel on the ceiling. Find an assistant to help you place the drywall on the wall before nailing the wall.6 inches between each nail. Nails are just auxiliary fasteners. Drywall screws are the main fasteners. Select medium size nails and screws to prevent nails and screws from popping out. Other than this, this may cause problems when you start recording later.With the help of an assistant, use the elevator to install the panel on the ceiling. It is best to use a lift to install the ceiling so that the panel is as close as possible to the ceiling. After completing the panel installation in the ceiling, start to install the panel on the wall, as well as doors and windows.3. Once you start installing the wallboardTo ensure that they are always pressed tightly against the ceiling. Wall panels should help support the ceiling. Keep in mind that installing a panel on a wall usually requires cutting a few specific holes first.- like a power outlet, doors and windows.For windows, door, power outlets and other holes that need to be cut, carefully measure and draw a pattern on the panel to indicate where the hole should be. Cut these patterns with a keyhole saw or spiral cut- I saw it.. Use T.- Make sure your pattern and cut straight square. Once the hole is cut, start positioning the panel in the wall. A good rule of thumb here is to measure twice.Cut once.4. If you have long walls, using multiple drywall panels. And keep a distance of 6 inches per nail. This will help your drywall stick to the frame to be stronger. Stud and tighten from the center.Fives. After completing the panel installation, the tools needed to prepare for recording. Tape is the process of polishing and hiding drywall mounting joints. After the installation process, you should use a drywall washer and applicator to evenly distribute the mud solution to the corners and flat surfaces.(highly recommended).Drywall washers and drywall coaters are made of aluminum steel. They are valuable tools for taping and should be purchased in advance.. You will use a mud solution to polish the edgesDry wall corners and surfaces.When you deal with corners and edgesWhen the applicator processes the curve, you need to use a drywall washer. Drywall washer for corners between ceiling and wall. Apply mud to the cornerThe irrigator is used to save a lot of time and effort to "flush" the mud to the wall with minimal effort.Drywall applicators are preferred for flat surfaces and curves.
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