aluminum wall panels Decorating Ideas For Apartment Halls - Part 1

by:Carlos     2019-04-04
Complex and simple summary of the appearance of the apartment-style halls.Space could be a premium,Or the lobby as a living area,So it is decorated and practical.The apartment-The style corridor provides a first glimpse of a family in which the busy way of city life is reflected in its comparison-down,Stylish Decor.Talent for planning and creativity,The furniture is streamlined,Storage utility,And vivid color scheme.The way space is visually pleasing and innovative is a priority.The corridor can be small and narrow,Or a plan for ventilation and openness,The boundary between the hall and the living or working area is traditionally not defined.Color,shape,And texture creates a basically optimistic mood.Space-Enhance and balance with vibrant color accents and simple furniture and accessories.These have smooth organic or geometric lines,in pale wood,metal,glass,or plastic,Maybe -?High balance-Industrial technology-look pieces,Or a natural fiber with a stunning texture.Simple accessories,Such as flat table lamp,Is a comparison of conformity-down look.Visual streamlining creates a sense of space,And minimize less than perfect features.Create the feeling of light and space with pale colors or white,And consider how the choice of color will affect adjacent rooms -?The goal is a good tone balance,Use color harmony or contrast.Use stronger colors or interesting textures such as rough plaster,And finish with gloss,Emphasizing structural features such as pillars,posts,alcoves,Prominent walls,Or tilted ceiling.In the narrow lobby, you can open the space or a built-in-in front using mirror or mirror tiles -?in cupboard.In a larger space like open-Planning Hall/living room,Create a visual breakthrough with a glass brick screen wall,Or use a separate shelving unit as a separation between the entrance and the living area.Offset the impact of too many doors-Or other unpopular details -?Mix with walls by painting their colors.Carpentry should match the color of the wallOr apply a slightly lighter or darker shade on the matte surface.To adapt to style,The door should be plain, washed with wood finish,Glass panel (High with cable glass-tech look),Or painting as a color accent feature.Door furniture and handles should have a contemporary twist-In matte metal or quirky resin shape.Solid color/color block:white,neutral,space/light-Enhanced walls and ceilings:Control the contrast color area,textural,rough-Cast/mirror, metal/glass brick area.Wall covering:Graphic images,Bold color washing effect.Simple blinds/curtains:Natural or colored pieces of wood Venetian,white,neutral,Roman accent color,Or roller blinds;Rod pocket/label,eyelet-Curtain for head/tension line,panels;Metal curtain stick.Neutral/eye-catching color:Weaving of natural heavy cotton/linen;bold checks;stripes;bold,Stylized abstract flower/graphic printing.Sleek/space-defining:Blond wooden strips/colored floors;Natural fiber; Frosted;Cloth/rubber floor;Contrast color tiles;plain wall-to-wall carpet;Bold abstract/designer carpet.Streamline/save space:clean lines,Designer/architectural work,dual purpose,blond wood,Steel/aluminum,Console tables, drawers, tables,Neutral/Mirror front built-in-in cupboards;modular/free-Permanent shelf units;color-Chair/seat with accent occasionally.Atmosphere/height-tech:Wire tracking/halogen spotlight;Sculpture effect pendant/avant-garde-garde/quirky,Designer chandelier;Multi-function task/atmospheric light;wall-Installation or free-Standing in tolchase,Natural completion,metallic,glass;Molded plastic desk lamp,metallics,glass,parchment.Color Accent/sculpture:Designer style,avant-garde,bold,Organic form/streamlined look:Cloakrack/Hook,The umbrella stands in pale wood/brushed steel;Smooth wood/metal frame,Graphic/Modern Art/photographic prints;Vases, containers of plain, stained glass, plastic or wire steel,modern clock;Specimen flowers; large plants; cactus;over-The size of the urns/twisted willow branches.
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