aluminum wall panels Current Trends in Trade Show Display Structures

by:Carlos     2019-04-02
Many exhibitors from standard 10 pop music Long arc wall display popular support different USES Than the aluminum frame . The pop-up frameMagnetic stick to fold, fabric panel Metal channel bars have been "convenience" standards for more than 15 yearsMost exhibitors will be Velcro on the back of the graph On his face, and then arrange their curved wall is popular According to the need can be long . The popUps began to replace the old Folding panel style display at the beginning of the yearBecause of their portable lighter, smaller cases , tooPopular and convenient Long style show quickly replace bulky And heavy flat panel display in use .In the past few years, this technology opened the new use of extensible aluminum pop -up frameIts light weight ", "can be extended to the big size of ease of use make it to the exhibitors at the trade show a product of the market selection , but now there are different ways of using this framework The first change is now known as the "big structure" style.-upUsing the extendable aluminum frame But preprint is full Before the face image Shaft aluminum frame Old style popLong for graphical face is cut into three or four parts And application of magnetic Graphics are connected to the frame now , the exhibitors need to pop More than the frame, he is readyThis new style of popular music Than can be used as direct configuration framework According to the requirements of exhibitors, bending or framework .The latest popular style Than called "expression" or moreIn the face of popular Long cheng exhibition Using the extendable aluminum frame In the standard 10 feet wide format or completely different the shape of the frame Like a pyramid(triangle ) or columnar (thin and tall )The framework contains preprinted , preAxle graphics(fabric)In different shapes and sizes, but in the picture attached to the multiple points This results in an unlimited number of marketing options present products exhibition participants Different parts of the exhibitors can set different product line , or to achieve a "3 d" effect, through the graphics and points within the framework of forward and backward . FurtherDifferent "skins" can be removed or replaced quickly and conveniently in secondsAt the same time, according to if necessary .As popThan show evolution , the frame shape evolution , the standard of 10 curved wall shape, only one of many frame configuration This latest change deals with the graphics of the show itselfAnd allow greater creativity and convenient than ever before .
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