aluminum wall panels Conservatory Designs - A Basic Guide

by:Carlos     2019-04-04
What is a greenhouse?Essentially,The greenhouse is a new structure built on the exterior walls of existing buildings.Greenhouses are usually constructed using the following components;Insulated concrete base,Low brick or block wallWindow and door frame and glass material,and a roof.Windows and door frames and roofs can be built with many different materials,UPVC is the most commonly used,Aluminum and wood.Because all the greenhouses are designed to meet the needs and requirements of individuals.No two greenhouses need to be the same forever.However, the recent progress in the market has led to "modular" Greenhouse Design.The greenhouse in the standard size can be assembled from the standard size.For example, DIY stores and some builders can provide standard-sized greenhouses on a "off-the-shelf basis.The most complex element of the greenhouse is the roof.This is because all the other components are two-dimensional.And the standard control length of the roof structure is accurate,Width and height dimensions.The height of the roof is controlled by projection (The distance between the roof and the wall connected to the House)And the stadium (Slope of roof).The complete roof is laid by polycarbonate or glass on the frame of the supporting member.Therefore, the greenhouse roof is a necessary complex structure.The complexity of the design and construction of the roof (i.e.Structural calculation)It is usually done by the manufacturer using a computer program (CAD)And refer to the manual.CAD is the abbreviation of computer-aided design.The greenhouse has many shapes and sizes,But the most popular designs fall into a few categories, usually by the following generic names.The Victorian.This is a term of architectural style, where the ridge is projected at right angles to the main house and is done in a sloping manner,Playing design in front,Not similar to the bay window.The Bay section is usually composed of three or five sides,But the number can be larger in larger greenhouses.A Victorian greenhouse,With Georgia,Is currently the most common.Georgian School of MusicSometimes known as Edward,It's square or rectangular from above,With the ridge projected again at the right angle of the building, but this time at the end of a hijacked.The P-shaped greenhouse is their voice-They can combine styles when viewed from above and always take the shape combination of the letter P.Lean-Greenhouse is a relatively traditional style of greenhouse, usually found in the case of high restrictions,Such as a window on the wall of the main house above the greenhouse.Lean-The length of the To is generally long, with a smaller projection and a roof with a low pitch.They can look more stylish by adding a Victorian or Georgian style back at one end or end allowed by space and height restrictions.The Gable style greenhouse is a simple design similar to that of Georgians,There is a gable in front of the conservatory, not a sloping roof.This design twist is both effective and stylish,The Times of the past,But it does need a longer Ridge.This can make structural calculations a little more complex.Perhaps the most grand greenhouse style is the lantern-This is usually a larger structure as a whole, integrating the roof inside the roof,Usually built under a larger but identical roof with a smaller Victorian or Georgian central glass roof.This is a very complex design that often finds large periodic properties,or well-Public buildings designed.
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