aluminum wall panels Common Features and Uses of a Directional Antenna Phasing Cabinet

by:Carlos     2019-04-04
One of the key components of the directional antenna system,Involves receiving or transmitting aerial devices that convert power into radio waves, and vice versa,Is a phased equipment (Also known as phase cabinet.The system is highly used for directional AM station and medium wave (AM)Frequency band,Because it allows to strengthen the signal in a specific direction, and reduce the interference station in other directions, it is not needed.It's possible,in fact,Set the degree of radiation direction of the antenna,It is controlled by the amplitude and phase weights of each element.Ensure maximum accuracy and stability,Use phased equipment.Amount management the power sent to each antenna tower in the system.The volume cabinet keeps the tuning coil,Vacuum/cast mica capacitors,inductors,Variable connection of RF contactor and circuit connected to other components;It's all set in the cabinet and someone can make most of the adjustments (Control knob on front panel)Increase coverage or achieve optimal antenna gain (beamwidth)and path,Or cancel the interference.The amount of phase can even help solve small transmission problems.It is not uncommon to find that the direction or performance of the antenna changes slightly.A simple fix,however,Can be applied by the knob that controls the cabinet.Through this radio AssemblyThe phase and power of each antenna can be adjusted.On the face of the phasor cabinetBasic current levels can be checked without the need to open the cabinet door or remove its panel,Because there are indicators that show the operation mode.However,A technology may require easy access to parts using the back door of the cabin,Access all installed components.At times,Engineers may need to check the equipment in the CabinetAfter encountering a system failure, you need to check the system.From inside,The man was able to insert a measuring instrument,for example,Troubleshoot and resolve issues that may not work properly.A good example of the phase quantity not working properly is when the owner's antenna monitor reading changes dramatically or there is no short circuit strip (J-plug)This may have been from its socket/Jack.Each now, then the Cabinet asks the radio engineer to find the problem (s)And ensure that the amount of phase is transmitted by the transmitter (s).Except for phase shifting or increasing the amplitude of the signal,for instance,In order to get the desired direction from the antenna system,The quantity unit is also crucial to the work of other equipment,Such as antenna tuning unit (ATU),line-Termination unit (LTU)Coupling unit with antenna (ACU),Its feeder line is also related to each tower.In order to obtain sufficient signal strength and correct phase matching of array parameters,It is essential to have each unit work on one side to get the desired orientation pattern and to achieve the required measurements.In sum,the phasor,Its matching and power distribution equipment directional AM operation,Placed in the cabinet.Is deliberately used as a phase unit controller to ensure that the power is applied to each antenna.It is usually used as a monitoring system to check for changes in patterns,It can be customized to meet the needs of users.The common features of a good cabinet include:• J-Convenient access to plug positioning,•, Interior panel, Bay DivisionManufacturing and placement:Usually in non-Corrosive aluminum wind shell (When placed outside)Or placed in a metal cabinet (When used indoors)Or support station;They can also have an open panel and shelf-mounted ATU type wall.
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