aluminum wall panels Cladding Advice

by:Carlos     2019-04-01
The term "cladding" has several different meanings, depending on the industry in which the term is used. The general definition is to fasten or bond two different materials to perform a specific function.. In metallurgy, which may mean bonding two different metals by pressure. Under constructionbut, cladding means fixing the material to the outside of the building(1Transfer water and(2) providing energy-saving insulation. The cladding can also be visible,non- the structural surface of the wall material.The insulation and water-conducting coating of houses or other buildings can be constructed after the construction of the building structure, and the rough-walled plates are applied.. In the existing structure, the cladding can be installed after removing the old sidingBefore applying the new side panel. The coating can also be applied to rough-edged boards before applying herpes zoster. Decorative cladding can be used instead of other exterior decorative materials.Various materials used in the cladding.o Precast stone or masonry for decorative and protective purposes. These can be natural or cultivated stones and aggregatesOr they can be formed from thin veneers of natural stone bonded to an aluminum reinforced honeycomb.o Closed-cell foam building packaging is usually used under siding or shingles. This type of cladding is purely used for insulation and energy saving.o recycled paper, wood and even bamboo fiber are bonded together with resin to become durable, decorative cladding, with various finishes.o Ceramic tile panels can be used as a protective layer,decorationLong- Wall cladding.o board, plastics and other materials.o cementa compound similar to wood and other natural materials.o composite metal plate,wood,stone,brick, clamped together to become durable,decoration, waterproof building exterior.o Cement coating applied to closed cell foam board.o Western Red Cedar has been the most popular natural wood coating for centuries. It is naturally resistant to insects and other pestsEasy to maintain and durable. It is very soft so it should not be used in high places- Affected areas and high tannin content can corrode iron, so stainless steelShould use galvanized or composite fasteners to avoid stains.Amortization over the life of the material, the cladding can be a very cost-effective means of energy savingTo prevent water penetration and decoration,maintain- Free building exterior. Multiple materials and design flexibility enable architects and designers to create almost any external height.Although it is easy to installCladding is not suitable for amateurs, but should be left to professionals who will properly prepare and suspend materials in a way that prevents leakagePoor installation or cracking or other hazards.Depends on the type of material selected for the claddingThe resulting building appearance will be nearly maintenance- Freedom. This is not a painting,seal,dyeing, reply- Point or other periodic tasks, only occasional power- Remove dirt and dust from the air.
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