aluminum wall panels Choices in Hurricane Window Protection

by:Carlos     2019-04-04
Hurricane blinds are the most economicalTherefore, the most popular solution is chosen by the owner.However,Hurricane Impact doors and windows are also very popular because of the added benefits of convenience,Security enhancements,Improve energy efficiency,Soundproofing and its appeal in the blinds.The cheapest system is plywood or panel;These provide tremendous protection,But it takes a lot of time to install.Your note:Cost,appearance,(This is often estimated

First,Understand that it is your protection:Not only is this glass debris from broken windows, it's dangerous-Blowing your roof off really gets your attention.During the HurricaneStrong winds blowing through your home can have a "life" effect on your roof.If a window or a door is blown away in a storm,This will create an extra "push" up on the roof"Thus double or triple the effect.This is the way the roof is blown away.Here's your resume for choosing hurricane window to protect your family.Myth Buster-Window film and some information about the impact window:The window film can reduce the harmful light of the sun to enter your home and it is promoted to theft deterrence.It is also likely to reduce the chance that glass debris will fly through your home in the event of a hurricane,But do you really think that taking a thin film on your existing window at the time of the hurricane will keep your roof normal?By comparison,The impact window is almost three times the thickness of the ordinary window glass.The hurricane window consists of two layers of glass, which is a solid tear-resistant sandwich between these layers (film)The event that makes the glass together is broken.They look a lot like the windshield of a car.A key factor affecting the strength of the window is how the glass and the mezzanine are very safely connected to the steel frame (Machinery and through the use of industrial adhesives)So impact glass does not separate even under extreme pressure.The goal is to establish hurricane window protection for all openings (Whether by using hurricane blinds or hitting windows,Or a combination of both)And keep the opening sealed so as not to cause pressure changes inside the home, thus blowing off the roof.Put the idea of a hurricane window movie in a normal window with its lightweight frame and expect it to be even remotely similar to Miami-The impact window for Dade approval is ridiculous.Yes,It will be better than nothing,But you 'd better spend your money on plywood?Plywood blinds ($2 -$4 / sq.ft.):A popular and effective choiceThe installation of plywood blinds to fit within a window or door frame is an effective and affordable option for the owner.These blinds work even under the winds of Hurricane Andrew.And it is easier to install.If you want to do thisPlywood needs 5/8 "to 3/4" thickIt takes a lot of time to prepare.It should be cut to the size of the way before we have a storm that affects us.Positives:Negatives:Storm Prep:20 -25 minutes per window (if pre-cut);Storm panel hurricane blinds ($5 -$8 / sq.ft.):Another popular and effective choiceThese hurricane shutters are usually steel or aluminum chopping boards attached to walls around windows and doors.There are several installation methods before use-Install rails and bolts or just bolts.Positives:Negatives:Storm Prep:15 -20 minutes per window;Accordion hurricane blinds ($15 -$18 / sq.ft.):Accordion hurricane blinds are connected directly to your home Open in a window or door,Folded up, when they don't use it, it's easy to unfold,accordion-Style when you need to cover and protect the opening during the storm.Positives:Negatives:Storm Prep:Hurricane blinds in colonial and Bahrain ($18 -$28 / sq.ft.):Positives:Negatives:Storm Prep:Roll-Closed hurricane blinds ($35 -$55 / sq.ft.):These hurricane blinds are in a closed box when they are permanently attached to the top of the window without using and rolling,Whether it's a manual crank or an electronic motor,When you need them.Positives:Negatives:Storm Prep:Minimal,Impact window ($40 -$55+ / sq.ft.):It can withstand hurricane debris and completely eliminate the need for hurricane shutters.It will cost more to renovate an existing house.But if the homeowner is considering replacing the old window, it is the most cost-effective.This is the most valuable part of hurricane window protection system.As the impact window also improves energy efficiency,Is an excellent deterrent to theft,Provides sound from external noise,And give your home hurricane window protection in the event of a storm.Further,Adding a new impact window may increase your family value,More than any other hurricane protection system.Positives:Negatives:Storm Prep:CONCLUSION:Keep in mind that if the aesthetics of the blinds bothers you,But the cost of affecting the windows is barely met,You can always combine these two.Install the impact window in front,Maybe on both sides of your house.Then use the blinds to protect the window openings that cannot be seen from the street.Don't underestimate the hassle of installing blinds every time there is a hurricane warning.I often go out and do the impact windows for families with estimated shutter panels because the homeowner is tired of installing them.Finally,If your existing windows need to be replaced because of the old ones,I encourage you to remodel their impact window as non-cost difference-The hurricane blinds are edge with the impact window that only affects the window.Once you 've narrowed down your options to what type of hurricane window protection system is best for your situation,Talk to an expert to help you in your final choice.According to which system is best for you,Whether it's hurricane blinds or hitting windows,There are many different styles to choose from,Different options from the manufacturer.The window contractor is your best expert.How to find one?Ideally,Find someone recommended to you by family membersNeighbors or friends.If they do a good job for themThis person may provide you with rich knowledge and have been studying for many years.If you have to choose the contractor you found onlineCheck their reference (at least 5),call them,Look at the contractor's work.
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