aluminum wall panels Australian Luxury

by:Carlos     2019-04-03
When you see his trademark black hat , your imagination will not automatically jump to the finer things in life Greg Norman Special golfer, The black hat is the opposite of his beautiful thingsGreg Norman's yacht, for example Australian rulesThe color of shiny white and blue ocean Australian rules like angel gracefully gliding in the sky. .Similar Fabric eggs., Australian rule facade gives no hint of its real beauty Greg Norman yacht large room furniture is decorated with rich red and gold. Dark wood panel build give a kind of elegant and give a warm room , welcome feeling. Look around the room, it is hard to believe that this water boat in the big room Instead of a yacht , when first see this piece of space, thought of a solemn mansion in Beverly hills. .As a beautiful big room The rest of the rooms on board are unique and stylish. This yacht has its own cinema.Favorite room Norman's That cinema with royal blue. Seats are deluxe velvet sofas with marble and glass watches for local snacksOf course, , a large flat-panel TV installation on the wall of the dark wood, as the main feature of the room together. Other rooms include: the kitchen Oh, main bed and bathroom.The guest room And a library And crows nest , just to name a few .Elegant business lunch in the formal restaurant on deckRules, catering to any occasion, Australia is yes. Greg Norman's guests can also enjoy the opportunity sitting on a bridge, looking at the crew navigation super yacht If it's not like it In which, the guest can rest on a chaise longue. Or spend time watching the room and enjoying the view.The guest's best features is to kill time a big massage bath crock of the yacht .Not just for beauty, Greg Norman's yacht is one of the specific architecture From the current Oceanfast The aluminium and composite Australian dollar rules are 228.Long boat. 0 football A unique specification is cabin The design and organization of whole room is perfect. Than most engine rooms, it aims at designing and owning a clean runway line along the ceiling.Greg Norman's yacht is equipped with a large enough cabins, can accommodate a fishing boat On the way, there are no rules All the gear need to accompany such a fishing boat Cargo bay also has two small recreational boat. Such a hard project yacht is to createThe whole boat is equipped with comfortAll of the ship were like home .
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