aluminum wall panels All About Metal Roofing

by:Carlos     2019-04-01
Product specifications脗·light weightPortable roadRoad durable脗·RefractoryKushiro fire-resistant flowerWindward road脗路冰雹抗脗·High strength weight ratioKushiro design flexibility- There are large spring curves and rolling bulls- nose shapeThe road can be recycled without losing valuable featuresPlateKushiro Stainless Steel脗·CopperZinc road zincAluminumCoated alloy or galvanizedResidential roof life脗·50 years or more or up to 100 years, depending on the typebenefit脗·Design flexibilityThe road can be installed on an open frame or on an existing roofWinding down the air-con uses 20-30%脗·High labor efficiency脗·High energy efficiency, especially suitable for Kynar finished roof脗·Maintenance is very small脗·80% of the materials are recyclableThe road can be DIY, depending on the typeDisadvantageKushiro used to bend the roofWith high noiseBut rarely happens脗·Dissimilar metals can cause rapid corrosionThe price of Kushiro is twice that of traditional herpes zosterGet the roofKushiro Metal Roof Order by Order, trimmed or ridgedKushiro sheets can be pre-ordered- Cut according to the required size脗·Need to make appropriate estimates to avoid excessive behaviorAbout remodeling脗·Metal top can be installed on existing roof, do not need to delete the old oneapplication脗· Its incredible durability makes it a versatile building material脗· Its flexible contour and design lineup make it an ideal choice for residential structuresKushiro can be used as wall coveringKushiro is a modern and unique look, shape and color can be combinedmaterial type脗·corrugated galvanized steel- wrought iron steel coated with zincKushiro Zincalume- a mixture of zinc, aluminum and siliconCoated steel脗·Metal tiles- usually painted or stoneCoated steelKushiro Stainless Steel- Roll typeAluminum- The most durable material, but also one of the most expensive materials脗·Copper- Usually used in smaller areas, such as entrance methods脗·stone coated steel- These are panels made of zinc/aluminum coated steel and acrylic gel coat脗· inverted box rib(IVR)- Mainly used in the South African market due to low cost and square roofIdeal for start-up entrepreneurscoating脗·ceramic coatingKushiro Nanotechnology Solar Reflective CoatingsmaintenanceKushiro used in utilities, replyOnce the surface finish is discolored or corroded, a coating is required.Kushiro for stainless steel, zinc or copper, roof maintenance is the result of incorrect installation.脗·The metal roof with Kynar surface usually does not require maintenance. It’s been around for 50 years now.This type of metal roof is considered a lifelong product.
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