aluminum wall panels Above Ground Pools - Repair All Metal Side Wall Problems

by:Carlos     2019-04-01
This page will explain to you various steel side wall repairs, here are just a few: the side wall rusts around the skimmer or returns to the injectorRusty to the point of ruptureAnd the actual wall is good, let's start, we will start with the most common sidewall problems and will rust around the skimmer and return jets. The first thing to do is to drain the pool about six inches below the skimmer or return to the ejectorWhile the pool is draining, remove the top rail above and to the sides of the skimmerYou may have to remove two parts on either side of the skimmer or return jet. Once completed, take off(plastic parts that hold the lining in place). At this point, the pool should be drained enough to remove the skimmer or reflux injector from the side wall..(all references to skimmers, return to the jet and the hole in the side wallSlag remover)just nowThis is all doneGently pull the liner up and over the side wall to expose the rusted or damaged skimmer hole. Next, you need to determine how much cut you need to remove the rust.E.gSuppose you are sure you need to cut a 12 x 12 inch hole and then need a 24 x 24 inch galvanized metal to cover the 12 x 12 hole.. Galvanized metal should have at least the same thickness or the next size. If you are not sure that you have taken out a wall, then you have cut it off.For is good! You got the galvanized metal, you are going to put it in the right position so all you have to do is cut the hole for the skimmer, you can use the splitter as a template to cut holes. Your next step is to position the replacement parts to make your skimmer hole levelThe easiest way is to change from the top of the side wall to the sides, the measurement should be the same. Then use some tape to hold it in place. One trick to keep all the metal chips from passing between the wall and the liner is to place a magnet on the drill bit while drilling and use a medium speed on the drill bit. The magnet does not fall off.. Once in place, you can prepare the drill bit and rivetThe rivet size you should use is 3/16 to 1/4 inch.Get a big box because you are spacing them 1 inch.Let's continue the drilling layoutUse a tape measure to make a line 1 inch from all edges and a second line 3 inches wideNow put a hole in every corner of the one inch line, 1 inch from horizontal and vertical, from each corner hole. Now from here we measure each corner hole three inches and drill another holeBut before we drilled, we wanted to put in a few rivets to fix the replacement in place.. As you noticed, each corner has a distance of two inches until you reach the center.Now for the three-inch line, we put a hole in the corner, one hole in each direction two inches from the corner hole, if you do it right, it should be between the two rivets on the one inch line, so that all the rivets Staggered. Once you have all the rivets in place, you can drill the skimmer. The final step is to tape all the metal edges so that there are no sharp piercing linings when placed back in place.. All that remains to be done now isIs to recombine the way they are separated.The above is a description of the rust and return spray around the repairing pool type skimmer and any holes in the side wall., for instructions on how to replace the entire section, please read on.Heaven is forbiddenYou actually broke outIf your liner is broken, it is easy to remove and repair the part before loading the new liner.If you are lucky and your liner is slightly stretched, things will get a little tricky.. If you are really lucky, you may find a soft spot on the wall and check it out and realize that it will need to be repaired soon.. If any of these conditions are right for your problem, then the remedy is right in front of you.. continue reading.the firstYou will have to take about half of the pool top rails. Of course, if you want to change the pad, then they must all fall off. Then remove the top cover and lift the liner to the side wall. Now depends on the size of the holeYou need an extra two feet of galvanized metal that is the same height as the existing metal. Cut out the rusty part and put it in your new work. Now measure three inches from the end of the new sheet metal and draw a line from top to bottom at both endsAnd a similar line nine inches from the ends.and also, make sure your line is not aligned with one of your upright bracketsIf they do somehow slide your panel so they don't line up, it is goodStart with the top measurement, one inch down on the three-inch line, two inches down on the nine-inch line, and mark a hole, you continue to be two inches apart on the two lines until you reach the bottom. Drill three to four holesThen put some rivets from the inside outYou want the flat part inside the poolAnd continue drilling. After completing the rivets, put some tape on them and on the metal edge, then put the pool back in place.. I hope these instructions can help you get more fun from the pool..If you have any questions, please submitAbove ground swimming pool and deck
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