aluminum panels Windows and Treatments

by:Carlos     2019-04-11
They are like the eyes of the outside world.The shape,size,scale,The operation and style of the window are how to dress up the window and make it bring light,Fresh air and/or views.Common window structure:Double Hung:Consists of 2 slingsOne is higher than the other,Everyone has the ability to slip past.Casement:Hinged on one side swing either on or on a swivel leather on the windowsill.Stationary:They are permanent.No moving parts or hinges.Their window type is used to bring light,And not open.The note to trim these windows is to make sure that their function is by allowing simple operation without major distraction from the curtains or enjoying the view.Window Styles:French ,Arched,Clerestory,Dormer,Picture,Bay,Half Round,Sliding,Bow,Skylights:Whatever the style of your homeEach window must be handled separately to ensure functionality and beauty.Types of curtains to consider:Curtains:This is the most popular window processing.Work with fabric can be expensive and well designed from cheap and simple to luxury.The budget is easy to meet this type of window coverage because the fabric can be priced in all ranges and can easily be made by almost anyone.They can accommodate the use of curtains and fabrics in any decoration depending on the style.Curtains can compliment any decoration.Shirt curtains:The result of this curtain is soft.wavy,Light weight allows light to enter the room while providing some privacy.It can accommodate a casual contemporary style through a more formal decoration.This type of curtain is often accompanied by a curtain,But it is not always necessary.Sleds can also stand alone for a soft,Simple look.Austrian curtains:This type of curtain is used for very formal setting and is usually a line that is gathered on the curtain rod by a very light weight fabric.It is usually a very heavy draping and works more often in a Victorian-style room.Pleated curtains:This type of curtain can be made from pure to medium weight fabric, usually pleats and installed in curtains.They are easy to open and let in the light and view.This type of treatment is used for a more formal feel, where a room and shirt are often hung more fully and evenly on the rod.Café Curtains:This type of window covers the lower part of the window to block the view of passers-.This is usually used in European cafes to make their customers feel more comfortable by preventing people from seeing through their windows.When sitting on the table, the top point of the curtain will be basically set at the level at the top of the head.To make the cover of the window look more complete,Valance is also set at the top of the window.This style is suitable for the kitchen,Especially if the kitchen is facing the front of the house.Priscilla curtains:This kind of curtain is pure.Hanging on the double bar allows one overlapping another.The first floor is traditionally tied to the back,Sometimes there is a heroic on top.This type of curtain is used to create a very female,The soft feeling is in the room.Draw Curtains:This type of curtain is usually pleated and drawn along a track with a rope or pulley for easy opening and closing.This type of coverage can be used in almost any decoration from the medium to the very formal room.Drapery:This type of curtain is usually heavier in the weight of the fabric,They are open and closed,Tend to block multiple/all light, can be combined with curtains,shutters,Blinds or shadows.Valance,Cornice,Lambrequins:This is the Coronation touch of a window handle.It is used to hide drapery hardware,Add height to the window,Made of fabric,wood,Or other rigid material.This type of treatment can stop a lot/all of the light.Now that you're familiar with curtains and curtains,There are several other types of curtains made of different materials.They are as follows:Blinds:It's all made of metal.Plastic or wood.They are blinds/slats that can be raised or lowered,Or the blinds/slats are adjusted to different angels.Shades:It can be made of plastic or fabric.When it hangs straight down, it is lowered and the window is raised in various styles.Blinds and panels:The blinds are permanently placed on the window.Their function is to shield the light,Or open view.The panel is similar to the wood frame of the blinds, but is operated on accordion hinges such as blinds.Panels and blinds can match contemporary,Rustic or traditional decor.Now that you're fully aware of different types of window processing,You can better match the decoration and function of your room with your window processing.Think about what kind of decoration you want to create.Formal Décor:Vanity = floor length with curtain,Blinds or vanity.Custom corn and cloves can also be added.Country Décor:= Floor length or short curtain.Café Curtains,The valves and blinds at the ruffles work well here.Checkered ,Plaid and floral or busy patterns work well here.Contemporary:This can be done from casual to formal.Curtains with pleatsExposed curtain rods,blinds,The mini blinds and vertical blinds work well here.Clean lines and solid or simple patterns don't have all, "fancy picky stuff" that works here.Rustic:Casual = these types of windows are usually bare or can cover casual curtains made of burrs,Denim or loose woven fabric.If the curtain is used, it should be made of natural fiber,loosely woven,Or heavy texture.For blinds (inside frame)It is best to make 3 measurements within the framework of the window (3 measuring length and 3 measuring width).The narrowest measurement is one you should go if you are taking your own measurement.Usually the frame is not the perfect square, which will make sure the first proper measurement is done without having to return to the store and have your binding or shadow cut for the second time to prevent them from sticking.For blinds (outside frame)It is best to make 3 measurements from the outside of the window frame,Length and width.First of all, you have to decide if you like a more formal ceiling floor look or a more casual look with the bottom of the curtain,Suspended on the floor.Then take the corresponding measurement and measure the width of the window.The curtain will look better if it is 3 times the width of the window is full of fabric.Usually we didn't buy enough fabric and we left a funky look.Casual decor can be more forgiving with simple curtains that can be easily purchased from retailers.For a more formal decoration, it is better to have a professional installation to make your curtains to ensure the perfect result.The article is a simple view in the curtains and curtains, but packed with enough information that it should give you a better idea to see or feel your room and you want to achieve it.The budget will undoubtedly also play an important role and can only be determined by doing homework and doing comparative shopping.Keep in mind that the most expensive retailer or custom drapery house is not always the best, and the cheapest is often just-cheap.Choose fabrics that will wear well and stand the test of time.Curtains tend to fade if there is no lining or if placed in a very sunny window, so keep this in mind and add a budget allowance or lining to your curtain.Go shopping now and have some fun with it!Log in to our website for more information,There are many tips inside,much more!©Silvana Rosati-Capizzano C.I.D.
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